La hija del embajador, miércoles 31 de marzo, capítulo 22

Sancar kisses Melek goodbye before he sneaks off. He goes to Nare’s door, but Gediz thinks it’s time they left.

No worries, Nare’s waiting for them outside. Gediz says “See ya.” Sancar scolds her like a child–she’s supposed to stay inside and not go out alone.

Nare stops him before she goes to explain about letting him tie the sash. She thought it was a symbolic way to link their lives together and she typically follows tradition. She didn’t know it meant something different to him. She doesn’t want him to spend a year in prison with hate in his heart. She knows that innocent boy who taught her to love is still in there somewhere.

Aw hell…Sancar says he’s not innocent. They did embezzle the money.

Nare’s kind of pissed that she believed his lie and he didn’t believe her when she was telling the truth.

Melek comes outside. Was her dad really going to leave without saying goodbye? They hug each other until Sancar is ready to leave. Melek and Nare stand in the driveway and watch the truck drive away.

Müge has a lot of cool outfits, so WHY is her taste in men so awful that she and Akin have a thing? GROSS!!! And she called him and asked him to come deal with Gediz and Sancar’s legal trouble? I cannot wrap my head around this.

Sancar and Gediz are like celebrities in prison. This older guy is Kavruk’s grandfather.

Kavruk finds Nare crying out by the magnificent pool. He comforts her and she asks if he knew that Sancar really did it. He repeats what Sancar said about “getting what he deserved.”

Halice comes outside, does her traditional insulting of Nare, and tells Kavruk to wake up the boys. When he says they left already and the hearing is already over, she faints.

In their prison dorm, the others apologize for having to make do with pasta sandwiches (yes, really, a hunk of bread split down the middle and stuffed with pasta and I would be all over that if it were gluten-free). Gediz and Sancar make a point of being good-natured about it and glad the others invited them to share. Sancar says they’ll take care of the food from now on.

Tio asks if they’re finally paying for the thing eight years ago, when Sancar got what he deserved and Gediz’ father got taught a lesson.

Flashback: Gediz is coming home to see his dying grandfather. The grandfather, with Kavruk’s grandfather as witness, told his son (Gediz’s father) that his father (Gediz’s great-grandfather) failed to hand over an inheritance that would have gone to Sancar’s family. Great-grandpa hid it and Grandpa hid it, and now he wants Gediz’s dad to make good and hand it all over to Sancar.

Refika sees Halice passed out in the living room, and she nearly passes out too. She sends Kavruk upstairs to get Halice’s pills.

Sancar asks “Tio Deshonesto” which guard to talk to so he can make a phone call. He tells Gediz he’s planning to call Yahya.

Everyone comes running to fuss over Halice and Menekşe gripes at Nare for checking Halice’s blood pressure. Nare quietly tells Menekşe that just because her brother tried to kill her doesn’t mean Menekşe should be rude.

Seriously, Sancar. You’re stuck in prison with Gediz and you’re still bickering about Nare? Oh, good, now he’s going to complain about the inheritance. He asks if Gediz handed over the mansion so that Sancar would have it or so that he could annoy his father.

Müge tells Akin about the stolen inheritance, but it sounds like he knew about this already. Anyway, now that he’s here, he’ll take care of everything and he’ll buy her a mansion (the one where Sancar and his family had been living?)

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