Buscando a Frida, martes 13 de abril, Capítulo 56

We return to the police brutality currently in progress. Salvador does, indeed, try to claim that the photo doesn’t mean anything and Cabrera’s looking for connections when there aren’t any. Salvador realizes Cabrera didn’t have a warrant and tells him to GTFO.

Ángel has just broken up with Antonio, but Antonio doesn’t accept it.

Ángel says he’s tired of waiting around for Antonio. They just can’t be together.

Abelardo and Marcela get home. She’s afraid Frida won’t make it. Abelardo is suddenly the soul of patience and optimism.

Rafaela spent the night at Enrique’s. When Salvador calls, she purposely answers with a big yawn. He tells her about Cabrera coming over. Cabrera knows everything!

Rafaela tells him to calm down and she’ll be home soon.

The girls ask how Frida’s doing. Abelardo decides to tell them the truth–that Frida needs another surgery. Caro’s back to looking more like a kid again.

Cabrera calls Marcela, asking about the surgery. Marcela tells him she’s basically given up and doesn’t think Frida’s going to make it.

Rafaela gets home. She’s way past caring that Salvador’s upset that she didn’t come home. He threatens to call Cabrera, which does get her attention. So that’s his new strategy–if Rafaela keeps sleeping with Enrique, he’ll turn himself in and it will be difficult for her to say she wasn’t involved.

Pedroza doesn’t think the link between Salvador and Bernard is so negligible. Cantú’s assuming if they have a link they should be able to find more evidence.

Zambrano shows up and says she’s been following their investigation and she checked into Salvador’s bank accounts. He bought a plane ticket the other night, but he didn’t get on the flight.

Salvador has figured out Sasha tipped off the police about that catalog. Sasha’s going over his appointments for the afternoon. Zambrano’s office calls and postpones whatever horrible thing he was probably going to do to Sasha.

Rafaela’s at work, trying to work, when Enrique comes in wanting to talk about their relationship. And again, Salvador calls and Rafaela says she’s running right over, completely ignoring Enrique.

Robles brings Salvador into the police station and shows him to an interrogation room. Cabrera starts right off warning him if he doesn’t give them full answers he could be charged with obstruction. Cabrera wants to know how familiar Salvador is with Europe. And when was the last time he went to Athens? And why did he want to go back?

Salvador seems amused. He says it was a business trip, but Rafaela said Frida was taking a turn for the worse, so he stayed.

Martín wonders what he said to Marcela. Did he mention he had been keeping Frida locked in a cabin?

Salvador thinks they’ve gone too far. Travel is a part of his job and as far as he knows he’s not required to tell them about his movements.

Ángel approaches Gabi at the office to tell her he doesn’t want to be the baby’s godfather. It’s too much responsibility.

Tomás convinced Diego to come visit Frida with him, but Diego’s backing out. The thought of Frida in bed, injured, is too much for him to handle.

Rafaela shows up at the police station to pick up Salvador and whine about how badly he’s being treated. Seriously, she’s acting like his mom.

Cantú doesn’t think they’ll get Salvador to talk, but Martín is sure he can.

Gabi complains to Antonio that Ángel doesn’t want to be the baby’s godfather anymore. Antonio seems surprised, but maybe Ángel’s just too busy. Diego comes into the room and says he’ll do it. He’ll be his sibling’s godfather.

And just like that, Gabi’s in a good mood again.

Salvador gets back to the office and screams at Sasha and the one other person still there to leave.

Antonio invents a headache and a lack of medicine in the house to skip out and see Ángel. (I’m guessing, but I’d put money on it.)

Marcela’s reading Frida’s journal again, wondering about the guy she was in love with. Abelardo says for all they know he could be close to them. He could have been in this very house. He seduced their daughter and he’s going to pay. He’s going to rot in hell.

Yep, Antonio goes over to Ángel’s to knock on the door and insist that Ángel answer it.

Gabi gets off the elevator and asks what Antonio’s doing there.

Enrique tells Abelardo something weird is going on with Rafaela and Salvador. Every time he calls, she goes running. Enrique doesn’t know what it’s about.

Salvador drinks alone in his office. There’s an ambiguous noise that draws Salvador out of his office, asking who’s there. He checks the elevator and then the door to the stairwell. Cabrera pops out and I have no idea whether he’s really there or not. He says Salvador’s coming with him and puts his hand on his gun. Yep, he’s really there and he wants to show Salvador something.

Ángel listens as Antonio makes excuses and Gabi believes him.

Cabrera’s taking Salvador to the cabin while he keeps up a casual conversation about criminals losing their nerve, and talking about what he thinks Salvador thought and felt while he had Frida locked up in the cabin. When he was with her, did he ever think of his own daughter?

Abelardo comes over to Rafaela’s. He doesn’t believe Salvador is at the office this late. Rafaela’s holding a drink and Abelardo points out her tattoo of three overlapping triangles. The Pons siblings all have it. He asks her what’s going on with Salvador.

Cabrera points the gun at Salvador as he walks him to the cabin. He shoves Salvador inside while pulling a few hairs out of the back of his head. Salvador swears he was never there. Cabrera asks how many times he tried to shoot Frida.

Salvador starts sobbing and says he never shot her.

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