Buscando a Frida, miércoles 14 de abril, Capítulo 57

Salvador keeps sobbing and saying he could never hurt Frida.

And the rope marks from being tied up?

Salvador remembers tying her hands and feet, but he keeps saying he loved her and he didn’t hurt her.

Martín keeps beating on him and hits the wound on his chest. Cabrera doesn’t believe Salvador got attacked. That’s not a knife wound. Martín says Frida did it.

“You don’t have proof!”

Outside the cabin, Cabrera puts his ill-gotten hair sample in an evidence bag as he walks back to his car. And yeah, he’s totally leaving Salvador there.

Rafaela acts like she doesn’t know why Salvador is having this “crisis.” She reminds Abelardo that it’s been a tough year for him–he found out she cheated, and then Abelardo took he tower project away from him.

Salvador calls Rafaela crying…she needs to come pick him up at the cabin.

Salvador walks away from the cabin remembering things Frida said to him.

Cabrera gets back to the office, gives Robles the keys to Salvador’s car and tells him to take it back to Salvador’s office and leave the keys nearby. Then he hands off the hair sample to someone to run the DNA.

Rafaela finally gets to the cabin. Salvador gets into her car, sobbing that Cabrera knows everything.

Gabi brings Antonio breakfast in bed to make up for following him to Ángel’s last night. She begs him to skip out on work and spend the day in bed with her, but Antonio is waaaaay not into it. He blames it on stress.

Pedroza can’t believe Cabrera went so far. Cabrera’s like “Whatever, If he was going to rat me out to the fiscal, he would have done it already.” He’s convinced Salvador is going to break anytime now. He wants to confess.

Rafaela bugs Salvador about getting dressed to go have dinner at Abelardo’s. She insists nobody knows anything. It’s just a dinner.

Salvador thinks it’s Abelardo springing a trap.

To show Salvador how pathetic he looks admitting to everything, she puts his confession video on the TV. The kids come in and Rafaela pauses the video. She tells them it’s a work presentation, but they’re like “Yeah, that’s bad lighting.”

Anyway, they’ve all gotta get ready for dinner at Tío Abelardo’s.

Cabrera and Cantú come visit Ángel to ask him about Salvador.

Uncomfortable family dinner. Gabi tries to bully Marcela into eating something. Abelardo asks everyone to pray with him for Frida. Rafaela starts them off on a Padre Nuestro.

Cabrera asks Ángel about being an architect. He wonders how it went when Salvador got the tower project taken away from him. He just thought Ángel might know more on account of being Gabi’s friend.

Ángel says Rafaela caught Salvador in the office with a couple of sex workers and Abelardo kicked him off the project.

Salvador wanders into Frida’s room to torture himself with memories. He tells Rafaela Frida asked him to come in here once. She wanted help with a model…and when they were done working on it she told him everything she felt about Abelardo and Sasha. She begged him not to say anything. She took his hands and kissed him on the mouth.

Rafaela really doesn’t want to hear this. She begs him to come downstairs, but he whines that he can’t look Abelardo in the face.

Enrique pops in, just being chismoso. Rafaela gets him to go away and tells Salvador again to come back downstairs.

Ángel tells Sasha about the cops coming to ask him some questions. What could it have been about?

Sasha says they know Salvador’s not clean. She was looking into stuff for Abelardo. She told him about the picture with Bernard, but he didn’t tell her what it was about.

Ángel can’t imagine that Salvador would mess around with his own niece.

Cabrera serves Cantú something he cooked. I’m more interested in that than watching Cantú snog him.

Enrique thinks the big secret is that Salvador has depression. Rafaela doesn’t have anything to say to him.

The dinner is breaking up. There are a few hours before Frida’s surgery.

Cabrera tells Cantú he cares about her, but that’s why he doesn’t want to get her hopes up. It was a mistake when it happened before.

Cantú’s like “I’m a big girl. I can take care of myself.” She skips out on dinner.

Gabi comes over to Ángel’s to whine about how sad dinner at Abelardo’s was and that Ángel never calls her and that it hurts her for him not to want to be the baby’s godfather. She thinks Antonio is cheating on her. Ángel is the only one she trusts!

Abelardo and Marcela visit Frida before surgery. It’s all “she’s gonna fight” and “she’s a Pons.” She’s in a frickin’ coma. If she doesn’t make it, it’s not because she didn’t fight hard enough.

Everybody’s praying.

Salvador dreams or imagines Frida standing in a corridor of the hospital, bleeding.

Whoops! It was a dream. In the waiting area. Rafaela’s like “I’ll get you coffee.”

The cops descend on Rafaela and Salvador’s apartment, this time with a search warrant.

Marcela gets a feeling…Abelardo assures her everything will be OK.

Robles searches the main bedroom/bathroom, but he’s not finding anything.

Cantú and Cabrera take a trip down to the garage.

Jackpot! Cabrera finds a copy of Tropic of Cancer and a bunch of medical/first aid supplies. (No, I still haven’t read the book.)

Frida flatlines. The doctors try to shock her heart back into rhythm, they try chest compressions….

The doctor comes out to the waiting area and they spare us the doctor’s words. Marcela dissolves into loud sobs while Abelardo holds her.

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