Buscando a Frida, viernes 16 de abril, Capítulo 58

Flashback: Frida and Salvador meet in a park. She likes that he says smart things and he’s a gentleman. He gives her his copy of Tropic of Cancer, which he tells her to keep hidden because it’s not necessarily for a young lady.

Abelardo and Marcela are allowed to come into the operating room to see Frida’s body.

Flashback: The Pons hang out by the pool. Frida gives her dad a weird look.

Abelardo and Marcela come back out to the waiting area. It’s all tears and hugs. Salvador goes over to Marcela and barely has to say anything because she just grabs him. Rafaela looked a little scared for a minute there.

The cops found the bloody screwdriver. Cabrera and Cantú tell Pedroza…and he tells them Frida didn’t survive the latest operation.

Cabrera starts crying and walks out of his office. Pedroza tells Cantú to let him go.

Out by the elevators, he sobs that he failed Frida.

Gabi and Rafaela are watching Marcela and don’t know what to do. Rafaela tries pointing out that she needs to pick out an outfit for Frida.

Marcela’s not going anywhere.

When Cabrera walks in Marcela throws herself into his arms.

Rafaela and Gabi are all “Good thing Abelardo’s not here to witness this.” Rafaela goes off to get clothes for Frida and leaves Gabi in charge of waiting for Antonio and waiting for Cabrera to leave.

Cabrera and Marcela walk down a random hallway and sit down. Martín says he’ll be there for her, for whatever she needs.

Flashback: Frida’s running from the cabin, barefoot, with her backpack on her back. She nearly falls off a cliff, but stops herself. Someone points a gun at her. It was the bullet hitting her chest that toppled her over.

Cabrera goes in to see Frida’s body. He remembers her asking him to ask everyone to forgive her. Martín asks Frida to forgive him now and promises he’ll find her killer.

Rafaela gripes at her housekeeper for letting the police in to search the apartment and the garage. “They had a warrant!”

The kids come home right then and Rafaela tells them the cops were there (but did they find the confession…?)

Oh…I completely forgot no one told them yet. Rafaela tells Salvador to tell them.

Gabi breaks it to Diego. They cry together. Antonio walks into Diego’s room like he’s not entirely sure he should. Diego shrugs off his hand.

Tomás comforts Ingrid while Salvador and Rafaela watch. (Since neither of them know how to understand another person’s pain. What? You were thinking it.)

Marcela and Abelardo get home. Rosita cries with them. She hasn’t told the girls.

Abelardo tells Rosita not to leave the girls alone. They’re just there to shower and change and go to the church.

Marcela says she can’t do it. She can’t tell the girls.

Abelardo says she has to. “In good times and bad.”

They walk into the living area and tell the girls.

Cantú’s working on something when Robles comes over and says they’re sending a wreath to the family. (I can’t tell if this is an appropriate thing to do or if it comes off like “Hey, sorry we didn’t find your kid quickly enough to keep her from getting killed.”)

The charges have changed from kidnapping to homocidio doloso en primer grado. Possibly they’ll bring in someone from homicide to help with the case.

Cabrera fills everyone in on the screwdriver–it’s got Salvador’s blood, which they can compare with the hair sample Cabrera ripped off him. Frida’s fingerprints are on the screwdriver. (I feel like someone’s going to say it’s still not enough because it doesn’t prove she was holding the screwdriver when it wounded Salvador.)

At the vigil, Salvador actually manages to tell Marcela and Abelardo that he’s sorry, but later he breaks down crying in the hallway. We see his tail retreat back around a corner.

Abelardo comes out to the hallway like he just wants to mourn with him, but starts talking about how much it hurts, how Marcela’s…undone…and how Abelardo has so many questions.

The tail is still there when Rafaela comes to walk Abelardo back to the vigil–some shareholders have shown up. (Again, are these really people he would want to talk to? “Hey, sorry we thought you kidnapped and abused your own daughter. No hard feelings?”)

Gabi gets home with Antonio, Ángel, and Diego. She insists Ángel stay for dinner, but he tries to get out of it. She flips out. Antonio’s kind of pissed too. He tells Ángel not to do things that hurt Gabi.

Everyone else is going home, but Marcela doesn’t want to leave. She doesn’t want to eat. All she wants is to be alone.

Abelardo’s complains bitterly to Enrique about prayers being useless, the whole situation being unfair, and what did he do wrong? (That’s not how it works.)

Antonio catches Diego and Ángel arguing. Diego suddenly doesn’t care about hurting his mom, he just wants Ángel to get out. Antonio tells him to back off and Diego leaves the house.

Cabrera finds Marcela sobbing over Frida’s coffin. How is she supposed to say goodbye to someone she loved this much? She wants to die, but she has the girls.

Cabrera tells her to focus on that, but Marcela doesn’t want to let go of her grief. She doesn’t want to forget Frida.

Cabrera tells her not to look for reasons. The world is cruel and Frida was a victim of that.

Oh, hell no she’s not leaving it at that! Marcela wants him to find the man who did this and make sure he rots in jail.

He swears he will, like he swore it to Frida.

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