Buscando a Frida, lunes 19 de abril, Capítulo 59

Marcela wakes up and Abelardo’s getting his suit on and saying the girls are running late for school. Caro’s banging on the door to Frida’s room, yelling that she needs the hair dryer too. Frida’s dressed and ready and asking her mom what’s wrong.

Marcela wakes up for real. Abelardo’s in his suit. He figures she was dreaming about Frida. He tells her to have a bath and he’ll help with whatever she needs.

Funeral montage. Everyone’s starting to leave when the cops show up to arrest Salvador. They’ve got a warrant to arrest him for kidnapping and murder. The press is taking plenty of photos, with cameras making the kind of clicking noise that I don’t think cameras make anymore. Salvador keeps saying he’s innocent as they drag him off.

Zambrano won’t tell Abelardo or Marcela what evidence they have.

Rafaela begs Abelardo to help Salvador, but he’s like “Sorry, can’t.”

At home, Marcela’s wondering what’s going on and Abelardo tells her they need to be patient and let the police do their jobs. Enrique thinks it’s time Marcela knew.

Abelardo tells her that this architect, Eric Bernard, was the owner of the places where Frida was being kept and Salvador is being arrested because he knew the guy.

Tomás insisted on going with his mom and Gabi and Antonio and Ángel to the police station. Rafaela tries to get him to leave, saying she’s got plenty of company. As they’re accusing the cops of trying to humiliate them Martín comes out to the waiting area and says he’s only going to answer questions for Rafaela.

In his office, Zambrano and Cabrera explain that they have evidence that Salvador was with Frida 10 days ago.

In Abelardo’s home office Enrique reminds him he said to be patient and trust the cops, but that only applies to Marcela, not to him. They’re talking over the connection with Bernard and what it means when Rosita interrupts them. Marcela pulled a runner.

Rafaela, Gabi, and Tomás get back to Rafaela’s apartment, where Marcela is waiting to ask what Salvador did to Frida.

Tomás defends his dad like a Pons, “How could you think he would do that?!”

Rafaela has no explanation. And sure, the cops arrested him, but they arrested Abelardo too.

Marcela knows they have proof or they wouldn’t have arrested him.

Abelardo visits Cabrera’s office. Marcela took off and she’s not answering her phone. It’s been about an hour and Abelardo thought she might be at there. He wonders if anyone from the family asked to see Salvador.

Cabrera won’t give him details, but if he wants to visit Salvador, he can ask him.

Abelardo gets a call. Marcela came home.

Ingrid is freaking out while Rafaela sticks to her lies and Tomás tries to keep her calm.

Marcela tries to convince Enrique and Abelardo that she’s OK, but then she says she’ll never be OK. Or maybe she will at some point, but for now….

Cabrera brings Salvador a coffee and tells him to start talking. He has someone bring in the bloody screwdriver and tells him it’s got his blood and Frida’s fingerprints.

Antonio comes over to Ángel’s insisting on talking. Ángel keeps telling him to shut up, but Antonio refuses, so Sasha gets to hear his declaration of love.

She is sooooo sorry! And she’ll be going now. She practically runs to the door.

Ángel kicks Antonio out.

Enrique comes over to Rafaela’s to check on her, she keeps saying Salvador has nothing to do with it, she doesn’t know why he was arrested, he asks about Eric Bernard and she tells him to get out.

Rafaela comes over to Abelardo’s all upset and complaining that they’re treating Salvador the same way they did Abelardo. She begs for his help. She wants him to stand up with her when she gives a press conference tomorrow.

Nope, he’s not doing that. This time he’s letting the police do their jobs. He’s not putting his hands in the fire for Salvador, not until he knows what the evidence is. He doesn’t trust him.

Sasha understands now why Ángel wouldn’t talk about the person he was in love with.

Ángel says he broke up with Antonio, but Antonio won’t accept it. Diego saw them and threatened him. Ángel hasn’t told Antonio.

Sasha thinks Gabi deserves to know. The truth always comes out and Gabi doesn’t deserve this. Gabi calls, asking Ángel to come over.

Rafaela visits Salvador. As Cabrera listens from the observation room in frustration, she tells him she’s told the kids this is all a mistake. There can’t be a screwdriver with Salvador’s blood and a fingerprint of Frida’s because he was never with Frida. And the only reason they didn’t press charges against Cabrera after that trip to the cabin because Frida was having an operation and they didn’t want to stir things up.

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