La hija del embajador, jueves 1 de abril, Capítulo 23

The doctor checks out Halice and tells her to rest, so the very first thing she does is march upstairs to blame Nare for everything. Kavruk is finally out of patience with this whole situation and spills all the tea about the inheritance. Halice remembers a conversation she had with Refika where she specifically says that no one in her family had ever done anything to hurt anyone in Halice’s family. Halice tells everyone to pack up. She and Refika are through!

Sancar gets through to Yahya. Sancar asks about Melek and Yahya says she was sleeping. Sancar remembers that Melek told him she sleeps a lot when she’s sad. And as for Halice she’s ok, but not as ok as Nare. Sancar says he wasn’t going to say goodbye to her, but Gediz gave her warning.

And then on to the the search for Necdet. He hasn’t been found yet and Yahya remembered this employee that Sancar kept firing from the olive grove. He was one of Necdet’s guys and if he’s not mistaken, he should be in prison with him.

Sancar asks the guard, who tells him this guy, Loki, is in solitary. Sancar asks the guard if he can arrange to get him out.

When Yahya gets back to Gediz’s house, most of his family are in the driveway. Elvan tells him the guys really did rob the city because of an inheritance that Gediz’s family kept from Sancar’s. She doesn’t entirely understand it, but Kavruk knows.

This is now the second thing Yahya hasn’t been informed about–the first being that the guys were going to leave without saying goodbye.

Halice comes banging on Nare’s door to ask where the money is.

Flashback: they stopped at Dudu’s mom’s house to stash the cash. In the process, Dudu’s mom asks why Dudu was driving a taxi. What happened to the driver? Nare: “I ran him over.”

Nare won’t tell Halice where the money is and she’s sure not handing over Melek. When Melek wakes up she’s a little scared because Grandma’s saying she’ll beat the door down, but Nare tells her Grandma can’t do that and she’s just yelling.

Halice finally gives up. Her parting shot to Refika is that she can’t wait to see what the town makes of Refika’s family stealing from “innocent” people.

Oh yeah? Because Refika wonders how the town will react if they find out Halice’s the one who hired Necdet.

That’s right, Refika knows Halice did it. So Halice can go right on ahead and tell the whole town about the inheritance, but she’d better remember that Refika has her own stories to share…and she’ll start by telling them to Sancar.

Halice walks out of the house, sees everyone waiting for her, and realizes she has no idea what to do now.

That guy Loki is weirded out when he finds out Sancar married Necdet’s sister. He’ll have his guys find Necdet. In his locker, he has a picture of Menekse.

Halice takes the family to one of Orhan’s hotels. As Kavruk tells Halice that he didn’t say what he knew before because it was Sancar’s secret, Gülse teases Elvan about not being able to listen at doors here. Yahya tries to reserve seven suites, but the price is astronomical. Halice goes over to the desk to say they’ll take regular rooms.

Orhan pops up and says they can have the suites for free, but Halice says she’s not accepting help from Refika’s family after they stole the inheritance. She wants the less expensive rooms and she’ll pay for them.

Upstairs in what I’m betting seems like a dinky little room to her, she breaks down in sobs. When Menekşe comes in Halice’s still crying because they’ve been reduced to staying in (luxury) hotels and the worst part is Refika (aw, that must suck to find out the person you thought was your BFF really isn’t)…knows the truth and she’s going to tell Sancar. (That’s not where I thought that was going.)

In the bathroom, Loki asks a friend to keep lookout while he retrieves a sharp object. He’s angry that Sancar took Menekşe away from him, so he’s going to kill Sancar and Necdet. Only not in that order. “They’ve messed with the wrong Loki!” *snort* He goes back to the dorm room to tell Sancar and Gediz that his men found Necdet.

Yahya and Kavruk go to Necdet’s hideout. Kavruk fakes him out with a finger gun (PEW! PEW! PEW!) and sends him running in Yahya’s direction. Yahya grabs him and starts slapping him. Yahya tells him the cops are on their way to pick him up. Necdet shrugs out of his coat and runs for the door…where the police are, in fact, waiting for him.

A guard brings the news to Sancar, who begs him to put Necdet in his room. The guy very reluctantly agrees, but this is his last favor for Sancar.

Akin brings Müge home. They’re planning to let things calm down a little before they tell Müge’s family they’re together.

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