La hija del embajador, viernes 2 de abril, Capítulo 24

So, yeah, Akin and Müge pretend they haven’t been in contact and that Nare is the one who mentioned to Akin the hospital where Müge works. Also he’s had a complete falling out with Güven. So anyway, while Müge makes coffee he’s just gonna run upstairs and surprise Nare. (Is it just me or does this guy look like he has fangs?)

Upstairs Nare’s surprised all right. She and Melek head for the bathroom. Nare comes out after she’s found a weapon (scissors from the first aid kit) and made Melek promise to lock the door behind her.

Akin spouts a bunch of bullshit about how he’s the one who loves Nare more because he was willing to do a bunch of things for her including raping her so she’d be “his.” She’s gonna marry him and he’s going to buy her a mansion and if he has to, he’ll kill every person on earth so they can be alone.

I do not understand the thing at the prison. Loki walked down the hallway singing in Turkish. A guard let him into Sancar and Gediz’s room. Sancar comes after him for singing? Loki says some stuff about Sancar being married to Menekşe, I think. Then he leaves.

Tío Deshonesto is tired of this BS not-talking vibe between Sancar and Gediz and gives them a lecture about how hard it is to find friends when you’re old, so they’d better go outside and settle their differences and act like men when they come back.

Müge comes knocking at Nare’s door to check on her, since Akin said she wasn’t feeling well. Nare very carefully asks about Akin showing up there and Müge spills all about how they’ve been having a long-distance, unofficial relationship for the last eight years and nobody’s going to know until they make it official, but she just HAD to tell Nare! Nare’s just staring at her like “OK, you’re clearly living in an entirely different reality.”

Another prison scene I don’t understand: Sancar and Gediz are pacing the exercise yard and planning to go back to the room in an hour and pretend they’ve made up. Gediz accuses Sancar of making people pay when Sancar doesn’t trust them. So he doesn’t trust Nare, he makes her pay. He doesn’t trust Gediz, he makes him pay. And Akin?

Sancar says he doesn’t trust Akin either and he’s getting the worst punishment, but he won’t say what it is.

He goes on to tell Gediz the story of him and Nare and how he didn’t believe what Akin told him or what Kavruk told him or what Güven and Akin told him when he went to Montenegro. When he called Nare’s phone and her “new boyfriend” answered and he heard Nare call him “mi amor” that’s what he believed. So now that Gediz has heard his “side” does he believe him? Gediz doesn’t answer.

Elvan wakes up to find that Yahya slept on the floor instead of getting into bed with her. She sees Necdet’s jacket and checks the pockets, finding Menekse’s bracelet. She wakes Yahya up to ask him what’s going on and makes the connection between Necdet and the bracelet.

Elvan goes down to Halice and Menekşe’s room, pounding on the door, and telling them Necdet’s in prison. Halice runs down to Elvan’s room to talk to Yahya while Elvan conducts an interrogation with Menekşe. See, she just found this bracelet in the pocket of Necdet’s jacket. She’s figuring that Menekşe gave it to him in payment for beating up on Nare.

Menekse swears it was all Necdet’s idea and she tried to talk him out of it, but he was upset about Nare wrecking their relationship or whatever. She gave him the bracelet to try to keep him from doing anything to Nare.

Elvan doesn’t buy it. And she doesn’t think Sancar will either.

They head to the lobby, where Halice is griping at Yahya for not telling her immediately about Necdet getting arrested. She starts asking questions Yahya should find suspicious like “What prison is Necdet going to?” but he’s too caught up in his hopes that Necdet ends up in Sancar’s room so Sancar can beat him daily.

Sure enough, Necdet’s assigned to Sancar’s room. He begs Sancar not to lengthen his own sentence with a homicide. He’s not worth it! He explains that Menekşe didn’t order him to beat up on Nare, she bribed him not to do it. It’s Halice who hired him.

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17 days ago

The actor who plays Akin looks like he has a mean set of fangs in this series! I saw him in Amor Eterno, he played a protagonist cop and those fang-like teeth didn’t seem scary at all, but maybe he didn’t flash them nearly as much as he does in these scenes in EHDA. He is a fantastic antagonist. He really makes me feel afraid for Nare. Thanks for these recaps! They are helping me tremendously. I can’t watch faithfully every minute that I need to, because my doggy is sick and he needs my attention more each day. While… Read more »