Buscando a Frida, jueves 22 de abril, Capítulo 62

Abelardo comes over to Rafaela’s to find her in bed with her wound bandaged up. Ingrid called him. She sings another chorus of “My dad didn’t do it.”

Rafaela takes full advantage to whine to Abelardo about how much this is going to ruin their lives and Salvador didn’t do anything or she would have noticed!
Abelardo thought he’d know what was going on with his kids, too. He wants Rafaela to leave it to the police and let justice take its course.

Gabi and Antonio comes over to Ángel’s to tell him what happened in court today. Gabi begs Ángel not to distance himself right now because he wasn’t answering his phone earlier. Gabi goes to the bathroom and Antonio tells Ángel that he talked to Diego and now he needs to tell Gabi. Ángel tells him to be really sure before he does.

Frida’s running away from the cabin. She stops at the edge of a cliff, but someone shoots her and she falls. Marcela wakes up gasping in Frida’s room. Rosita brought her breakfast and Marcela gasps that she saw Frida die. Rosita gets her to drink some juice and talks about moving Frida’s stuff so Marcela’s will fit. Abelardo thought she’d be more comfortable that way. Marcela doesn’t want any of Frida’s things moved.

I don’t get what Diego’s after. He still refuses to speak to Antonio. He’s angry that he lied, but he doesn’t want him to tell the truth to Gabi either. Now he’s threatening to never see his dad again if he tells Gabi.

Marcela tells Cabrera she believes Salvador didn’t kill Frida. Cabrera says they saw the marks on her hands and feet, she wasn’t being fed…he kidnapped Frida and he has to pay.

Abelardo bursts in and sees Marcela sobbing in Cabrera’s arms. Cabrera gets a little belligerent/defensive, saying Marcela’s having a difficult time coming to terms with what Salvador did. Also, while they’re carrying out the rest of their investigation, it has to be a complete secret.

Marcela doesn’t see what else there is to find out, if he already confessed. Abelardo warns them both that Rafaela believes Salvador is innocent and she’s gotten the best attorney in Mexico to represent him. Who knows what they’ll come up with.

Now Abelardo and Marcela are arguing about whether Salvador killed Frida or not. Cabrera tells them to cut it out–they can’t fight among themselves.

Ángel’s waiting for Antonio in his office. Antonio hasn’t told Gabi, but he can’t not tell her. Diego threatened to move out, though. Ángel still thinks everything is all going to turn out OK. Antonio doesn’t plan to tell Gabi about them.

Gabi comes over to visit Rafaela. I think Rafaela’s still drunk. She tells Gabi she hasn’t been drinking “much” as she pours herself another whiskey.

This can’t be good for the kids. Gabi offers to bring them to her place.

Ha! Never. Rafaela kicks Gabi out of the apartment and tells her not to come over without calling.

Cabrera’s talking to Zambrano about re-interviewing Salvador’s kids. He doesn’t know if they knew about the affair, but if they did they wouldn’t tell. Zambrano’s concerned that Salvador might have done this before.

Gabi’s at home sobbing about mean Rafaela was. Antonio doesn’t offer her any support. He doesn’t feel well. Gabi begs him to tell her what’s happening. Doesn’t he love her anymore? He says he doesn’t feel the same way about her that he did before. He says it’s been a while that they’ve been having problems.

So, just to confirm, she can’t stand the uncertainty but when he tells her what’s wrong she doesn’t believe him. There’s other person, right? He cheated on her with another woman. Gabi goes running out of the house and Diego keeps Antonio from following her.

Enrique complains to Abelardo that Rafaela isn’t going to be able to get over this. Abelardo says she’s going to have to accept that Salvador is a criminal. And if she does manage to get him out of prison, Abelardo’s going to kill him.

Marcela visits Salvador. She wants him to tell her everything…when did he start taking advantage of her daughter?

Salvador says he never hurt her. He loved her!

Marcela says they always treated him like part of the family from the minute he started dating Rafaela. He saw her pregnant! He was there when Frida was born. She starts attacking him physically and a guard comes to take her out of the room.

As Marcela’s leaving, Cabrera is arriving. He walks back out to the waiting area. He tells her she doesn’t have to do this. He refuses to leave her alone and says he’ll drive her back home.

Gabi comes over to Ángel’s to cry about Antonio not loving her anymore.

Cabrera gets Marcela back to the house and complains complains to Abelardo about the reporters.

Before he can throw another jealous tantrum, Cabrera says he “found” her at the prison. Marcela starts screaming at them that she can go look that creep in the face any time she wants to!

Gabi’s still complaining to Ángel about the woman Antonio cheated on her with. When Antonio calls her, she wants Ángel to answer the phone so she doesn’t have to talk to him. Ángel does answer her phone, but he tells Antonio to come over.

Enrique and Ingrid try to convince Rafaela to stop drinking. She whines that she needs to relax because this is all so difficult for her.

Antonio comes over to try to talk to Gabi. It doesn’t go so well.

Diego and Tomás are getting high. Tomás doesn’t want to talk about his dad and Frida.

No, he didn’t know…and they don’t have proved it. Diego’s like “Hey, chill out. Your dad’s trash, but so is mine.”

Marcela and Abelardo are back at home. She takes some pills. All of a sudden she wonders if Salvador also…. Abelardo tells her not to go there. Laura comes in with a drawing of Frida falling off the cliff. Not that she knows it’s Frida or why she drew it in the first place.

Marcela asks Abelardo how Laura could know that Frida fell. The camera pans over to a photo of enigmatic Frida tucked in front of the mirror.

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