Buscando a Frida, miércoles 21 de abril, Capítulo 61

Rafaela tells the kids Salvador confessed, but she keeps telling them she doesn’t know why he confessed, and of course the cops worked on him and of course he didn’t do it. Ingrid is really upset.

Pedroza and Robles show up at Salvador’s office asking for a place to interview all the employees. Starting with Gabi. She says taking away the tower project is the only problem Salvador ever had with Abelardo. Sasha says Salvador has been skipping work and drinking. Ángel tries to remember what Rafaela said when she called Salvador in sick to work…something about sleeping pills….

Gabi calls Abelardo and begs him to call her back because she desperately needs to know how he’s doing because she’s going through the exact same thing. I may have embellished some of that, but not by much. Gabi thanks Antonio for the two of them having the perfect marriage. Although…they also have Diego.

Cabrera and Cantú come to Rafaela’s apartment to talk to the kids to confirm Salvador’s alibi. She refuses to let them, but Tomás and Ingrid do want to talk to them re: Our dad didn’t do it.

Marcela’s in Frida’s room crying. Caro sounds like she’s about had it with her mom locking herself away to cry when they can all hear her. Abelardo has a key to unlock the door. His whole strategy is to have Rosita occupy the kids so they can’t see her this way, although it is WAY too late for that. Marcela’s blaming herself for not knowing what was going on with Frida.

The kids tell Cabrera and Cantú that Salvador was in bed all day and they did check on him periodically. And also he never would have done anything bad to her. (Cabrera looks like he’s getting some color back in his face.)

Abelardo physically comes after Salvador at the hearing. When the police won’t let Abelardo get to him, he resorts to screaming at him. Cabrera and Enrique jump in and drag Abelardo out. La jueza is pissed. They will not be pulling this kind of crap in her courtroom! She starts the actual reading of the charges after telling Salvador to speak up and asking if he needs a translator.

Outside, Abelardo tells Cabrera he can’t believe Salvador denied everything. He wants him locked up. He wants him to have no visitors. Especially not his kids. Abelardo’s going to have to live without seeing his daughter again, Salvador should have to do the same.

Rafaela comes outside and Cabrera, maybe too soon, leaves them alone so Rafaela can be all “Hey, bro, doesn’t this, like, totally suck?”

Antonio finds Diego in his usual “I’ve had it with everyone, leave me alone” spot and says they have to talk. Man to man. “That would take two men and we’re one short,” Diego quips (I totally agree with him. He is too much of a whiny child for this conversation). So, like, fine, what does he want to talk about. “Your dad is gay.” We know he knew, but he still seems kind of surprised.

Rafaela’s still whining to Abelardo that Santiago had nothing to do with it.
He could never hurt anyone! The police have been pressuring him. Cabrera dragged him out to that cabin and tortured him and left him there. She had to go pick him up! She just didn’t say anything because she didn’t want another scandal while Frida was in the hospital. Salvador’s just…weak. And he’s been depressed. Abelardo tells her to defend him if she wants to, but he’s not going to believe in Salvador.

Zambrano’s been doing her thing and she wraps it up by asking for Salvador to be held until trial. Salvador starts pleading to Rafaela to help him and she’s like “Don’t worry, you won’t be there long.” He tries to appeal to Marcela who’s like “How could you! You degenerate!” La jueza has to call for order. I have a feeling she’s going to be doing that a lot with this case.

Diego and Antonio are sitting on the sidewalk. Antonio assures him that he’s always going to love Diego and Gabi, but he’s gotta be true to himself. Diego doesn’t understand why all of a sudden Antonio changed. Well, it wasn’t “all of a sudden” it’s always been that way. “Why you?!” “Why not?” Diego warns him not to make Gabi suffer or he’ll have to deal with Diego (so what else is new)

They get home, but Diego won’t tell Gabi what’s going on and Antonio says he doesn’t feel well and goes upstairs. Diego says it’s probably work stuff and his mom shouldn’t worry.

Rafaela gets home and correctly guesses the kids were just watching the news. Ingrid says this is all Frida’s fault–her dad didn’t do anything!

Gabi’s frantic to get to Abelardo’s house because of what happened in court today, etc., etc., panic, panic.

Marcela’s taking pills. Abelardo’s musing about how often Salvador was at their house. How often Frida slept over at his. Rafaela didn’t notice either. Salvador manipulated her into thinking she was in love. Marcela still thinks it’s their fault for not being close. Abelardo was busy with work and his lover and Marcela couldn’t see past her own nose. Maybe they deserve this. Frida is dead and this isn’t what Marcela brought her into the world for. She wanted to see her grow up, be happy. They have to accept their guilt. In a way they’re the ones who killed her. Abelardo reaches out to try to comfort her, but Marcela pulls away.

Gabi can’t believe she worked with Salvador for so long and never knew who he really was. And Rafaela, living with that criminal! Antonio looks guilty.

Enrique comes over to Rafaela’s, where she’s drunk and still holding the party line–Salvador could never have hurt a girl like Frida! As Enrique comforts her I wonder if I’m just imagining the gloating smile on his face.

Over Chinese food, Cabrera bounces ideas off Cantú. Salvador’s alibi is pretty weak. Marcela calls. She was thinking about what Salvador said to Cabrera…. Cabrera says they can talk about it tomorrow.

Tomás is reading about their dad on the internet while Ingrid tries to calm herself down. They hear Rafaela throwing stuff around in her bedroom and go check on her, finding her lying on the ground with her hand cut by glass.

Salvador gets taken to prison where he gets the usual threats about “what happens to rapists in here.”

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