Buscando a Frida, viernes 23 de abril, Capítulo 63

Rafaela’s in her room with Ingrid drinking a non-alcoholic beverage. Tomás wants to talk to his mom about his dad being so weird lately. Is it maybe possible that he had something to do with it?

Rafaela slaps him across the face and says he didn’t do it and Tomás had better not even think that again. His father is innocent!

Cantú and Cabrera are at his apartment, talking abut the case. Cabrera hopes Zambrano can put pressure on Salvador. He can tell Salvador’s guilt is eating him up. Cabrera’s thinking about Marcela and how she’ll never be the same again. Cantú’s all, “Yep, and her family will support her…want some nookie?”

Rafaela’s talking over the case with the lawyer. She tells him about the affair between Cabrera and Marcela. The lawyer thinks between that and all the circumstantial evidence…and they can claim Salvador was pressured into confessing. There wasn’t a lawyer present. Rafaela tells him about Cabrera taking Salvador to the cabin. Yep, yep, a lot of irregularities.

Abelardo comes over to Sasha’s. He was in the neighborhood and stopped by to casually talk about how his life will never be the same again and the police are still gathering evidence and so, if she knows something…. Of course she’ll tell him! He doesn’t even have to ask! She’s there for whatever he needs.

Rafaela and the lawyer stop by to see Salvador. Their whole defense rests on Salvador getting his shit together and going along with their strategy. (Sure, no problem.)

Cabrera’s complaining to the team that Zambrano wants to submit Salvador to a polygraph. She tells him to quit complaining. He’s still in charge of the case and the polygraph is an “and” not an “or.” Tomorrow they’re going to walk through the crime scenes.

Marcela furiously shows Laura’s drawings to Rosita. Is she absolutely sure that nobody told Laura where Frida was found or that she fell? Rosita is sure neither of the girls have gotten the information from TV or the internet and she’s certainly not going to tell them!

Marcela stomps upstairs, shouting for Caro. She accuses Caro of giving Laura information, but Caro denies telling Laura anything. And besides, she doesn’t know anything herself. She walks out all angry as Laura comes in and asks if they’re fighting.

Ingrid comes with Rafaela to the prison to visit Salvador. Tomás wouldn’t come with them. Ingrid’s parroting her mom, talking about how he’ll be home soon. Salvador tries to inject some realism and says it’s not going to be that easy. Ingrid tells him she knows his confession wasn’t real and he’s like “You really think that?” I can’t tell if he’s grateful or concerned.

At Salvador’s office, Sasha tells Ángel people are printing off their resumés in the office. And the family can’t decide what side they’re on. Sasha’s starting to wonder about Gabi. She’s missed two days now. Ángel tells her Gabi and Antonio’s relationship is over.

Antonio calls to tell Ángel Gabi’s doing better, but he still hasn’t told her. Diego hates him. He doesn’t think Gabi can take the truth. Ángel kind of agrees, but she’s asking for explanations. Who is the other woman? How did it start?

Antonio says he’s not going to keep lying. Behind him, Gabi walks into the office and hears him saying “I have to see you.” She asks if he’s talking to “her.” Antonio doesn’t say it’s not a woman. Gabi goes on asking if he’s in love with her or is she just an affair. Antonio admits it’s love and he tried to fight it. Gabi wants to know her name, but she leaves the office when he doesn’t answer.

Salvador is hooked up to the polygraph. Zambrano starts asking questions and the machine scribbles away as Salvador answers. He says he didn’t have sex with Frida, he didn’t kidnap her, and he didn’t shoot her.

In the adjoining room, Cabrera tells Cantú he’s trying to change his confession. Well, he’s not going to let this happen! He walks into the interview room and tells Salvador to confess. Salvador repeats the crap Rafaela and the lawyer wanted him to say–the previous confession was invalid. There wasn’t a lawyer present.

Abelardo gets home and checks on Marcela. Rosita told him Marcela didn’t eat anything again. Marcela asks if he talked to Rafaela. She can’t understand how Rafaela can still defend Salvador and why Abelardo has decided to let the courts deal with him instead of doing what a “real” father would.

Before they can start arguing about that, Rosita tells them someone wants to see them.

It’s Ingrid. She wants to talk about her dad. He’s suffering. He swore he didn’t do anything to Frida when she saw him in prison. She knows this is hard for everyone, but it’s so unfair for her dad to be in prison.

Marcela says he confessed. He had Frida all this time. Marcela’s not going to make the same mistake she did with Frida–she’s not going to treat Ingrid like a child and keep things from her.

Sasha calls Abelardo to tell him that one of the architects talked to Rafaela and she told him Salvador would be back at work soon and his confession to the police was wrong.

Gabi gets home all upset. She doesn’t want Diego to see her like this.

Diego tells her to just divorce Antonio and be done with it. And yeah, he knew.

Roberto the lawyer gives Rafaela the good news–Salvador went along with the plan to take back his confession. Enrique’s alarmed to hear it. They have evidence. He wouldn’t have confessed if he were innocent. He knows Rafaela and he knows she can’t see the truth. Salvador is guilty.

Oh, and what does he know about it?

He tells her to wake up and realize she’s married to a predator. Rafaela kicks him out of the office.

Gabi thinks Antonio’s affair is the reason he and Diego weren’t getting along. Diego says he overheard a conversation with “that person.”

She asks who it is but Diego says he has no idea. she should just dump his dad.

Pedroza and Cabrera are in Cabrera’s office talking about Salvador trying to change his confession. Abelardo comes in, angry about the same thing and demanding they tell him if there’s a chance Salvador didn’t do it.

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