Un amor a la medida de Gala Montes- tema de Diseñando tu amor

Diseñando tu amor got underway last night on Univision. You can find a forum post here, if you’re interested in talking about the show: Diseñando tu amor on Univision.

The setup is pretty standard. Poor girl loves rich boy. Rich boy takes advantage of her. Rich boy’s dad finds out about them and kicks poor girl and her sister off the ranch. Rich boy’s dad, rich boy, Rich boy’s sister’s husband, and ranch foreman (aka poor girl’s dad) take a tense plane ride. Poor girl sees her dad, but he’s just dropping by to see her one last time.

Granted, there are way more characters than that and they all know each other one way or another, but you get the picture.

I love the theme song, sung by Gala Montes who’s playing Valentina, the aspiring fashion designer.

This is going to be on repeat for a while….

Author: 5ftLatina

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