Buscando a Frida, lunes 26 de abril, Capítulo #64

Pedroza and Cabrera won’t tell Abelardo if there’s a chance Salvador might not be guilty. They tell him that’s what the court’s going to decide. Trying to change his confession is probably a strategy from his lawyer.

Abelardo brings Sasha back to her house, but turns down a drink. Sasha doesn’t get it, especially after they “made love” this morning. Apparently that didn’t imply any kind of commitment on his part.

She’s pissed that she did so much stuff for him and now they don’t have to sneak around and yeah, this has been difficult for him, but life goes on. Besides, he’s not going to be able to be with Marcela again after what she…um, Gabi mentioned Marcela sleeping with Cabrera.

Abelardo says he’s not leaving Marcela. Sasha angrily accuses him of using her for sex. He leaves.

Marcela’s studying Laurita’s drawings and remembering her dream about Frida falling. Abelardo finds her in Frida’s room. She thinks Frida’s trying to communicate with them. She tells him about her dream.

He asks if she’s been taking her pills, which pretty much ends the conversation for her.

Antonio tells Ángel about his (partial) confession to Gabi. They both feel terrible, but Antonio’s also kind of relieved. So is Ángel when Antonio says his marriage is over.

Rafaela’s at Gabi’s. She apologizes for the way she acted the last time they saw each other. She tells Gabi she’s worried about Ingrid because she’s so close to Salvador….

Which makes Gabi think about paternal figures and the baby and Antonio being in love with another woman.

Marcela comes over to Cabrera’s in the middle of the night while he’s in bed with Cantú. She needs to know what evidence they have against Salvador.

Um, he’s not going to tell her anything. He didn’t tell Abelardo either.

She’s like “But we’re special friends!” Cantú comes out of the bedroom all “hey ‘sup?” (Mr. 5ft: “That’s right, Marcela, you left this hunk of man!”)

OK, well…Marcela will be going now.

Antonio gets home and Gabi’s asleep. He takes a pair of PJs and leaves the room. Gabi wakes up and cries. Diego’s waiting in the hallway to tell Antonio he’s not his dad. (I thought they went over that earlier, but whatever.)

The cops and Salvador are taking a field trip today. They’re going to the cabin to “reconstruct” the crime. And the press are waiting for them. Zambrano says they’re there to gather additional evidence and she’ll keep them informed. Salvador arrives and gets pelted with questions and rocks.

Marcela’s moisturizing while she remembers seeing Cantú at Cabrera’s apartment. She’s brushing her hair and there’s a lot coming out. Abelardo says it’s stress. He’ll call the doctor…and did she take her pills?

By the river, Cabrera talks to Salvador about chasing Frida and shooting her so she fell off this cliff…but he swears he’s never been there and he didn’t shoot Frida.

Gabi’s sobbing to Ángel about Antonio being in love with another woman and Diego knew about it and didn’t tell her.

Ángel says that’s terrible. (OK, I know for a lot of people Ángel sleeping with Gabi’s husband was already crossing the line, but for me it’s fake-comforting her about the “woman” Antonio’s sleeping with.)

Oh wait, they said some stuff about the business…eh, who cares.

Cabrera and Cantú are talking about the investigation in his office when Cabrera shifts into flirt mode. Robles interrupts (this might be the first time I haven’t minded) with new evidence. A student of Salvador’s accused him of raping her while she was underage. Cabrera looks disgusted. Robles says she never pressed charges and changed schools. And he’s already tracked her down and she’s on her way over. Hey, Robles does know how to do his job!

Rafaela cries to Enrique about how horrible Salvador got treated at the “reconstruction.”

He’s like “Let the police do their jobs. Don’t let it upset you. You’re a strong woman.”

Rafaela’s so glad he’s there for her. Yeah, Enrique looks pretty glad about it too.

Marcela’s in Frida’s room. Abelardo comes in and they (mostly he) talk about how Frida will always be with them, but they’ve got to move on–for the girls. He promises he’ll always be there for her.

Gabi’s waiting for Antonio when he gets home. She kicks him out of the house. Antonio’s like “I was going to leave, even if you didn’t ask me to.”

Abelardo tells Marcela they have to make an effort, for the sake of the girls.

Marcela can’t even think about being happy again. All she can see are lies, shouting, death, suffering. The pain won’t go away so easily.

Abelardo’s sure Frida would have wanted them to be a family like they were before.

Marcela says they’ll never be the way they were. She’s not interested in a future. She’s not the woman he married anymore.

Ah, the old Robles is back already–he’s harassing Cantú about throwing herself at Cabrera when she knows he’s in love with Marcela.

Lorena, the architecture student, talks to Cabrera about Salvador. She says she loved him, but he raped her. After Friday classes he always asked her to go see an art exhibit or something. He didn’t come on to her at first. They were friends. And then she fell in love with him and said she couldn’t see him anymore, but in his office…

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he made her…they’d been drinking and he just jumped on her and said it would be good for her career. She cried, but he didn’t stop. When he was done, she ran.
She threatened to file charges and he paid her off and helped her transfer schools.

Cabrera asks if she’d be willing to testify in court. Lorena says she is.

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