Buscando a Frida, martes 27 de abril, Capítulo 65

Enrique’s making dinner for Rafaela while she talks to Salvador’s lawyer. He’s so totally auditioning for Husband #2. And she is indeed wondering what her life would have been like if she’d been interested in him instead of Salvador. He gives her a little taste. IYKWIM. AITYD.

The other prisoners are shouting threats of rape at Salvador. He calls for the guards, who tell him they warned him what to expect. But the cell doors are all locked, so it’s just threats for now.

Antonio stops by Diego’s room before he leaves the house. Diego’s a jerk, as usual, but he’s sobbing as soon as Antonio leaves his room.

Downstairs, he says goodbye to the housekeeper and gets some more venom from Gabi, who can’t believe he would think he had to tell her not to turn Diego against him.

Marcela wakes up with a start. In the hallway there’s a crayon drawing of Frida in a cabin. She finds another one by the stairs…Frida falling or running through trees. In the living room she finds more and calls out to Abelardo. She’s freaked out by what Laura’s been drawing. Abelardo agrees there’s something going on and thinks they should take Laura to a specialist.

Antonio stops by Ángel’s apartment for coffee…and to ask him to comfort Gabi. Ángel says he can be around Gabi 24/7, but what about him!

Diego called Tia Rafaela. She can’t believe Gabi threw Antonio out for a little affair. She tells Gabi to get out of bed and get back what’s hers. Antonio can have all the amantes he wants, but Gabi’s the wife.

Marcela shows up at Cabrera’s, kind of snippy about Cantú being there before, but whatever. They’re still friends, right? She shows him Laura’s drawings, which she thinks are about Frida’s kidnapping. Cabrera’s sure someone must have told Laura what happened to Frida. She could have picked up the information anywhere.

Marcela is positive they’ve been keeping everything from Laura and that Frida’s trying to communicate with them.

Gabi shows up at work and tells Ángel and Sasha that she’s going to save the company. She’s already read through all the correspondence and answered it. Then she cries on Ángel’s shoulder about Antonio leaving her.

Rafaela goes to Antonio’s office to tell him to get back together with Gabi. He doesn’t appreciate her telling him what to do with his private life.

She’s like “OK, but I’m not gonna defend you when Abelardo finds out.”

Abelardo’s complaining to Enrique about Marcela. He thinks their marriage would be over, except for the kids. Enrique suggests they see a professional…

Marcela gets home and asks for Laura, ignoring Abelardo when he reminds her about their earlier conversation about the pictures.

Salvador gets his “welcome” from the prisoners in Wing 7. (It’s left to us to imagine what that is.)

Diego won’t take Antonio’s calls. Ángel comes over to the hotel. He tells Antonio about Gabi thinking she can rescue the company and Rafaela telling her not to give up on Antonio. Antonio knows–Rafaela talked to him earlier about going back to Gabi, but he won’t. He’s worried about Abelardo, though. Abelardo will try to make him.

Anyway they’re just going to have to be very discreet. (I’m pretty sure there’s no such thing when a family has the money to have you followed 24/7.)

And then they make with the nookie.

Abelardo comes over to Rafaela’s. For what, I dunno, because he says he doesn’t want to talk about Salvador, but that’s all she can think about.

And also, Antonio left Gabi. There’s another woman.

Abelardo doesn’t care. Antonio’s not going to leave Gabi while she’s pregnant. You can see in Rafaela’s eyes she’s thrilled to have the heat on someone else for a while.

Gabi comes over to Antonio’s hotel, insists on coming into his room and tries to get the “zorra” to come out of the bathroom. She ends up leaving instead.

Marcela is insisting Laura explain the drawings to her. It’s scaring Laura. Abelardo busts up the party and Laura runs upstairs to finish her princess movie.

Marcela tells Abelardo the drawings depict everything that happened to Frida. Can’t he at least let her take them to a psychologist?

Abelardo says she can keep the drawings, but he doesn’t want her to talk to Laura about them again and he wants her to go upstairs and rest.

Cabrera’s obsessing over his photos of Laura’s crayon drawings, which upsets Cantú. She wants him to keep Marcela from just dropping by whenever and he says he can’t. She says she’s done–he’s never going to love her the way he loves Marcela.

She goes back to the bedroom to get dressed and Marcela calls.

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