Buscando a Frida, miércoles 28 de abril, Capítulo 66

Martín takes Marcela and the crayon drawings to Amanda. Amanda’s leaning toward Laura picking up bits of information from various sources. Marcela is completely convinced Laurita hasn’t heard a thing. So, could it maybe be…a message….

Rafaela’s on her way out to see Salvador when the housekeeper runs in to bring Rafaela downstairs, where a neatly-lettered banner says “TERÁN VIOLADOR ASESINO”

Salvador begs Rafaela to get him out of prison. He just got a beating this time, but he’s scared they’ll do something worse.

Antonio took the day off from work to talk to Gabriela, who isn’t interested in talking at this point. She was coming over last night to talk about saving their marriage. Antonio says it really is too late, but he didn’t want to hurt her.

Gabi goes off to work and tells him to leave his keys.

Marcela has decided that she HAS to see the place where Cabrera found Frida. Or does he think she’s “crazy”? Well, no, but he’s not going to take her out there and she shouldn’t be driving while she’s on the sedatives she’s taking.

Abelardo sees Martín on the security camera and he’s pissed that Marcela didn’t ask him to go with her to the psychologist. He doesn’t understand what Marcela’s after.

She needs to know what happened to Frida! She starts digging in her purse while Abelardo asks her how many pills she’s taking a day now. Marcela doesn’t seem to hear him.

Rafaela complains to Salvador’s lawyer that everyone’s against her/Salvador. The lawyer’s not worried.

Gabi shows up to get some comfort from Rafaela.

Abelardo counts Marcela’s pills and she’s going through an entire bottle in three days. He refuses to let her have the pills she has left until they talk to her psychiatrist.

Rafaela’s idea of “support” is to tell Gabi to beat the crap out of “that woman” and teach her to stay away from married men.

Marcela is tossing and turning in Frida’s bed. She gets up and starts looking for pills. But totally not at all like she’s going through withdrawal or anything.

Rafaela comes over to Abelardo’s to tell him to help Gabi because she’s too busy to do it herself.

No, Abelardo’s going to treat her like an adult this time and if she can’t solve her own problems, too bad.

Marcela goes running out of the house at the same time that Caro screams from upstairs that Laura’s having a nightmare.

Oh no. Marcela’s trying to refill one of Abelardo’s prescriptions. But it was filled less than 30 days ago for a 30-day supply. Marcela goes off about being Frida Pons’ mom and her daughter is dead and they can all go to hell.

Actually, the pills Marcela was taking too many of were Abelardo’s pills. He just thought it would be NBD if he gave them to Marcela.

Prison. Salvador is assaulted again. The guards take him to the infirmary.

Cabrera and Cantú are getting it on at his apartment.

Abelardo can’t reach Marcela or Cabrera. Rafaela gets the call telling her Salvador was assaulted.

Scenes of Gabi crying alone in her bed are intercut with Ángel and Antonio having dinner together and drinking champagne in bed.

Cabrera finally answers his cell phone, but it’s Marcela, calling from the other side of his apartment door. She comes in looking for pills and begging him to just give her something so she can sleep.

Yeah, he won’t do that. He’ll take her home, though. She heads for the bedroom, waking up Cantú and she’s all “You again?” Cantú’s like “same to you.”

Martín starts pulling his shoes on to drive her home, but Cantú gets huffy. She listens to Marcela begging for pills and Cabrera telling her to calm down. At least he gets her to agree to drive her home.

Cantú starts angrily getting dressed to leave. (I think I’d rather be with a person who says “I can’t let them drive themselves home in this condition,” than one who’s like “Whatever. Not my problem.”) Anyway, Cantú remembers Robles taunting her about throwing herself at Cabrera when Cabrera’s in love with Marcela.

Cabrera walks in the front door with Marcela and Abelardo snarks about not knowing they’d gotten back together. Martín explains that she’s basically been out all night looking for anti-anxiety pills. He suggests that Abelardo could maybe be more patient and understanding.

“Who asked you?”

Ángel and Sasha are gossiping about Gabi and Antonio’s separation. Antonio leaving Gabi for Ángel is giving Sasha hope. Gabi tells Ángel she needs to find out who Antonio’s sleeping with.

Marcela slept and had the same dream about Frida. Abelardo wants her to see a therapist. She’s acting like an addict and she can’t just keep taking drugs she hasn’t been prescribed.

Well, as soon as Marcela finds out what happened to Frida she’ll be at peace. What if it wasn’t Salvador who killed her? She’s sure the drawings and the dreams are signs…Frida wants to help Marcela find out who killed her.

Cabrera tries to talk to Cantú about last night. At work. She says he could have called Marcela a cab, or called her husband. (Good point.) Robles listens in from the door as Cantú angrily tells him to get away from her.

Rafaela gets to the prison dressed lke she’s in The Matrix. Salvador again begs her to get him out of prison. He sobs about the others making good on their threats and says they’re going to kill him.

The cops talk about needing to find the gun Frida was shot with.

Someone retrieves the cabin keys, the camera, an SD card, and the gun from a safe deposit box.

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