Buscando a Frida, lunes 3 de mayo, Capítulo 69

Salvador’s lawyer gets Salvador to say that Cabrera took him out to the cabin and tortured him and so he confessed to things he didn’t do. Rafaela feels like they’re in control, but the lawyer is worried about what Zambrano’s going to do now that she knows their strategy.

Back at the office, Pedroza tells Zambrano they’re going to put Martín on the stand and not let the defense call his work into question.

Marcela comes to Cabrera’s office to ask him if he really tortured a confession out of Salvador, like he did to Abelardo? Cabrera swears Salvador did it. Marcela thinks Salvador was telling the truth when he said he didn’t.

The architecture firm has landed a big client. So… I guess Ángel and Gabi are really partners. Ángel gets a message from Antonio and Sasha watches him check his phone. She’s looking at him like she knows who it is and she’s exasperated that he keeps risking Gabi finding out.

Rosita got rid of Laurita’s drawings. Abelardo told her to gather them up and throw them out.

Marcela confronts Abelardo, sobbing that the drawings were hers and they were messages from Frida.

Yes, Sasha’s concerned about Gabi and Ángel’s partnership and Gabi finding out he’s with Antonio.

Ángel says it’s nearly over, so he’s not worried. He and Antonio are going out to dinner tonight.

And so are Sasha and Abelardo.

Cabrera, Cantú, and Pedroza have dinner and talk about the case. Cantú goes to uncork a bottle of wine and Pedroza pushes Martín to get together with Cantú.

Antonio’s the one who invited Ángel to dinner, but he’s all worried about who might seem them. Because he thinks Ángel’s…too obviously gay? Yeah it sounds like that’s what he’s trying desperately to get across without actually saying it.

Oh look, Abelardo and Sasha came to the same restaurant. That’s not awkward at all. For anyone. They all agree they’re there to talk…business.

When they get to their table, Sasha tells Abelardo not to worry. Angel is very discreet. And why did he want to see her?

Abelardo would rather wait until Ángel and Antonio leave to talk about it.

Cantú’s trying to give Martín a pep talk, but he complains that she’s talking to him like he’s already a loser.

Antonio is desperate to get out of the restaurant and Ángel just keeps eating slower and slower.

Finally, they’re gone and Abelardo can tell Sasha he misses her and wants sex.

Not gonna happen–she’s with someone and she’s not going to risk losing them. Which is about what she figured he was after, so he might as well ask for the check, because she’s done.

Back at Ángel’s apartment, he’s also not in the mood for sex.

Marcela comes downstairs in the middle of the night and sees a slideshow of pictures of Frida playing on a laptop, including one with Salvador that looks incriminating. Frida walks up to her and whispers in her ear.

Marcela wakes up suddenly and starts making notes about her dream.

Rafaela testifies. Salvador called her from the cabin to come pick him up. She didn’t mention it to Abelardo, so he wouldn’t worry. Salvador was in shock and threw himself into her arms, then he sobbed the whole way home about Cabrera dragging him out of his office and torturing him so he’d give a false confession.

Zambrano asks why Rafaela didn’t press charges at the time. She says Rafaela’s a lying liar. Rafaela just fake sobs.

Rafaela says they wore worried about Frida and they thought about pressing charges, but they were afraid that the police would try to get back at them. The police and the press have been hounding them. They put Abelardo in prison when he was innocent and now they’re doing the same thing to Salvador. It’s so horrible, she wouldn’t wish it on her worst enemy.

Ángel is taking too long to get ready for a meeting with some client. Gabi follows him around the apartment and finds Antonio’s wedding ring in the bathroom. Gabi’s willing to believe it’s there because he came over to the apartment for a beer. She’s still pissed off and she’s sending him to the client meeting alone because she’s got drama to stir up.

Gabi comes into Antonio’s office to confront him about the ring.

Amanda testifies that yes, Cabrera had a rough time, but he’s good now.

The defense lawyer insists on her telling the court whether or not he had a panic attack while he was working on the case. Yeah, he did.

Antonio’s story almost matches Ángel’s. They saw each other on the street, he invited him over for a beer, he took off his ring to wash his hands. Gabi sarcastically apologizes for causing a scene–she forgot she doesn’t have any “rights” anymore.

Cabrera’s on the stand now, while the defense attorney pecks at him about torturing Salvador, holding a gun to his head…and plays a recording Rafaela made of the last time she was in his office when he was telling her to leave his wife and daughter out of this and screaming at her to get out of his office. As the people in the courtroom mutter Rafaela sits there looking like just listening to it makes her suffer all over again.

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