Buscando a Frida, martes 4 de mayo, Capítulo 70

The defense attorney says Martín is violent and this recording proves it, along with the therapist’s testimony. Zambrano tried to object, but something something legal stuff.

Martín tells him to back that recording up to where Rafaela insulted him. The attorney ignores him and asks if he hit Salvador during questioning.

Martín is breaking down, trying to keep his temper while he admits that maybe things did go too far.

Abelardo and Marcela are explaining to Enrique what happened in court. Marcela’s still stuck on wanting to know everything that happened and if they lock Salvador up for murder, they’re letting a murderer go free. Abelardo’s out of patience with this idea.

Back at the office Cantú blames Robles for something he said about the internal investigation and he’s like “I just told the truth” and Cantú says the truth is that Robles will always be mediocre.

In Cabrera’s office, Pedroza says the higher-ups back Martín and the trial isn’t over yet. But the bosses don’t want Martín in the courtroom tomorrow. They want him to lay low until there’s a verdict.

Salvador’s lawyer won’t tell him what the worst-case scenario is.

Antonio comes over to Ángel’s to complain about Ángel not warning him that Gabi was coming over.

Well, he tried, but Antonio wouldn’t answer his phone! Ángel’s tired of hiding out in his apartment all the time. He wants to go out, see his friends. So he’s off to do that.

Marcela talks to Amanda. She needs to bounce ideas off an objective person. Laura’s not drawing anymore, but last night Marcela dreamed about Frida. She dreamed Frida whispered something in her ear…that it wasn’t him. Salvador didn’t kill her. She pulls out her notebook where she writes down her dreams.

Amanda thinks she can’t come to terms with Salvador and Frida’s relationship, so she’s trying to convince herself that Salvador didn’t kill Frida.

Rafaela and the kids come over to Gabi’s and Rafaela heads straight for the booze.

Literally behind her back, the kids tell Gabi she’s drinking a LOT. Gabi’s just like “Well, she’s stressed.”

Rafaela tops off her drink before reluctantly coming to the dining table for dinner.

Ángel is home late. Antonio’s angry at him for coming home drunk. He tells Antonio they went to the BEST bar!

“A gay bar?”

“No. A SUPER gay bar!” His friends gave him a hard time for being with a guy who’s still in the closet. They want to meet him. Did he tell them Antonio’s name…he thinks so. He doesn’t entirely remember….

Rafaela comes over to Enrique’s, where he’s waiting with champagne, but not for her. He’s with Sasha. Why did Enrique even answer the door?

Rafaela pours herself some champagne as she says a bunch of typical crap about Sasha being a zorra and Enrique having cheap taste. She threatens to tell Abelardo about them.

Abelardo and Marcela are both awake in the middle of the night. She wonders if this will really be over when they convict Salvador. Also not sleeping: Salvador, Rafaela, and Cabrera.

The verdict is being delivered today. Rafaela tells the kids she’s worried. They have to be prepared for whatever is going to happen. They have to stay strong.

Enrique and Sasha had a good night…but now it’s morning and Sasha thinks Enrique should tell Abelardo what’s going on before Rafaela does. Enrique doesn’t think the time is right. She tells him she went to dinner with Abelardo and told him she was with someone. She doesn’t want to keep hiding their relationship.

Ángel and Antonio are having a similar conversation. Ángel doesn’t want to keep hiding from everyone.

In the courtroom, Salvador’s thinking about Frida, about telling Rafaela he had her…and then she wasn’t in the cabin…and in the hospital, Rafaela gave him a look….

Salvador gets off because they didn’t have enough evidence. Marcela and Abelardo start screaming at everybody. Zambrano says she’s going to appeal. Rafaela happily hugs Salvador and walks out with him. Cantú stops them on the way out and says they know he did it and this isn’t over.

In the car, Salvador’s all “Thank you for believing in me and fighting for me!”

Outside the apartment, the press are waiting.

Inside the apartment the kids have hung a banner to welcome him home. They have a group hug and Rafaela says they’ll never be apart again and Salvador doesn’t look very happy about that.

Zambrano’s packing up evidence for the appeal. Cantú asks her and Martín what they’re supposed to do now. And Martín…calls a meeting. (Couldn’t they discuss it in an email?)

Abelardo swears he’s going to make that judge pay and if he ever sees Salvador again….

The Teráns are having dinner. Salvador gets a threatening call and tells everyone it was a wrong number. He tells Rafaela the truth when they’re alone. He tells her to get used to things being like this forever. Rafaela says the court absolved him, he’s innocent. Salvador says it’s only the court of public opinion that matters.

Marcela comes over to Cabrera’s. She knows it was a shitty day for all of them. She knows he did everything humanly possible. And she’s never stopped thinking about him….

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