Buscando a Frida, miércoles 5 de mayo, Capítulo 71

Yeah, Marcela really kissed him. And Cabrera’s annoyed that she waited this long to tell him how she really feels and he thinks this is the wrong time.

Well, OK. He’ll always have a place in her heart, though. She hesitates at the door a good long while before walking out.

Abelardo’s drinking with Enrique. Marcela comes in and Abelardo starts in on her for being with “her” cop. Enrique thinks it’s best if she goes up to bed and he’ll keep an eye on Abelardo.

So now Abelardo has decided he’s going to have to kill Salvador. Then he decides he’s going somewhere and Enrique can’t go with him. And does Enrique stop him from driving drunk? Nope.

Antonio comes over to Gabi’s to ask if she’s ever going to forgive him.

Abelardo goes to Rafaela’s to beat up on Salvador. OK, so Enrique followed him at least. He’s there in time to pull Abelardo off of Salvador while Salvador and Ingrid keep shouting that Salvador didn’t kill Frida.

Sasha gets to the office and Rafaela’s there to pack up Salvador’s things and insult Sasha for being with Enrique. Gabi gets there in time to hear the tail end of the conversation and ask what’s going on.

Marcela wants to know what happened last night. Abelardo admits that he was an ass and his jealousy got the better of him. Marcela says “they” both need to work on that.

Enrique scolds Abelardo for going over to Rafaela’s.

Abelardo agrees he needs to cool off and come up with a plan. He’s going to go back to work, he’s going to re-hire Sasha, he’s going to get rid of Rafaela and leave her and Salvador without a cent.

Sasha tells Gabi that Rafaela was there because she still hasn’t gotten over Sasha being with Abelardo. She’s sorry to say it, but Rafaela’s sick. Gabi asks again if this is really about Abelardo and Sasha insists it is.

It’s another useless meeting with Cabrera and the team. Robles starts off saying what happened with the trial was all Cabrera’s fault and he’s sure everyone is thinking the same thing. Cantú and Mr. Clean disagree. Cabrera says Robles is free to transfer to another team. No? OK, then. He thinks Rafaela paid off Lorena, so they’re going to find her.

Ángel gets to the office. Gabi tells him she thinks Antonio’s having trouble with his amante. He was at her house almost all night last night. Sasha is very fortunately not facing Gabi.

Rafaela has dragged Salvador to the hospital to have him checked out completely. A woman in a waiting area starts screaming at him and Ingrid gets up in her face and screams back.

Ángel finds Antonio waiting in his apartment. Not that he minds. And he heard about last night from Gabi. She thinks he broke up with the amante and that they’re going to get back together.

Yeah, Antonio’s totally not going back. And if Ángel’s friends are discreet, then yeah, he wants to meet them.

Zambrano tells Abelardo they’ll have to bring Salvador up on different charges. She’s thinking…abuso de menores. But he can’t find out. She has to get evidence together. Abelardo says he’ll help in any way he can.

Someone wrote “DESGRACIADO” on the front of the newspaper that was delivered to the Teráns’ apartment. Salvador says people are never going to forget what happened. Things are never going to be the same again. At least not there.

Salvador talks to the kids about moving to Canada. Ingrid is all for it, but Tomás? Not so much.

Abelardo approaches Cabrera outside the police station to ask him why his daughter’s murderer is free. Robles listens in on the conversation as Abelardo says Cabrera has to know what it’s like to have his daughter murdered. Abelardo wants his help killing Salvador.

Cabrera says this isn’t the answer. He does understand. His wife’s murderer was killed in prison. He had nothing to do with it, but he was happy about it. He thought justice had been done.

But he was wrong, it didn’t bring him peace. It didn’t bring his family back. Now he’s going to forget this conversation and he thinks Abelardo should forget it too.

Robles is still watching.

Sasha can’t understand why Enrique didn’t say anything to Abelardo when Abelardo was talking about re-hiring her. Enrique tells her to give him a few more days.

Abelardo gets home. Marcela was worried he might have been out doing something to Salvador.

Abelardo says he was with Enrique.

Bullshit. Enrique called her. So she figures this is the kind of normal they’re getting back to. She just doesn’t want him to do anything stupid.

The Teráns are out of money. (Heh, Rafaela spent it all on booze.) She says she spent it all on the lawyer and paying off Lorena.

Well, she didn’t leave enough for them to set themselves up somewhere else.

Rafaela says she’ll sell her shares in the company.

Salvador doesn’t think Abelardo’s ever going to go for that.

Enrique calls. Salvador: “And now my day is complete.” Enrique just wanted to pass on the message that Abelardo wants to see Rafaela at the office ASAP.

Cabrera got the go-ahead to look into Rafaela’s finances.

Gabi convinces Ángel to pay Salvador a “Glad you got out of prison” visit.

Marcela’s at her and Cabrera’s usual café. What a coincidence, they both still come here every once in a while. He starts to talk about last night and Marcela says if he’d taken advantage, they would have slept together and it wouldn’t change their situation. She’s with Abelardo and he’s with Silvia. “But that’s different!” Marcela is sure it is. That there’s more intimacy (physical? emotional?) between Cabrera and Cantú than between her and Abelardo.

Abelardo arrives at his meeting with Rafaela, Antonio, and Enrique. He’s firing Rafaela and forbidding her from entering the office again. After all, didn’t she forbid him from entering her apartment?

Rafaela says she’s leaving the country, but Abelardo’s not going to let Salvador get away from justice that easily. And BTW, there are no “shares” in her name. They had an agreement between siblings? Well, she’s no longer his sister, she’s just some pathetic woman defending her degenerate of a husband.

Antonio holds Rafaela back as she vows revenge. (And that, kids, is why you get things in writing.)

Marcela still wants to be friends with Cabrera. He’s the only one who doesn’t judge her. She brings up the drawings and dreams and that Frida said Salvador didn’t kill her. Cabrera’s face looks less non-judgmental and more “How do I extricate myself from this situation?”

Enrique advises Abelardo to just let Rafaela leave the country if she wants to.

Not only is he not going to do that, but he’s forbidding anyone from so much as saying Rafaela’s name in the office. He’s only going to work with people he completely trusts. Like Sasha.

And does Enrique tell Abelardo they’re dating? No, he does not.

Gabi’s all horrified at the idea of Salvador and the family moving to Canada. It’s so cold! She and Ángel try to convince him to do some work for the firm, anonymously.

Rafaela gets home and says Abelardo fired her and refuses to honor their agreement about the shares.

Gabi’s sure he’ll change his mind.

Salvador says without that money, they’re going nowhere.

Salvador shows up at the office to talk to Abelardo, man-to-man.

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