Buscando a Frida, viernes 30 de abril, Capítulo 68

Ok, I was wrong. Laurita tried to dodge around her mom and Marcela had to drag her back.

Laura backs her mom’s story–this is where she saw Frida running from someone. She doesn’t understand why her dad doesn’t want her to come back here, ever.

Rafaela’s back in her office and WHERE THE HELL IS HER BOTTLE OF WHISKEY?!!! Enrique got rid of it. He’s bugging her again about insisting Salvador is innocent when maybe he’s not. And he’s especially annoyed that she’s doing it to keep up appearances, not because she really believes it. (Agree.)

Ángel is now reading the partnership contract. He still says he won’t do it. But maybe she could give him a few days to think about it.

Gabi doesn’t think the business will survive another few days at the rate they’re going.

Ángel still says no and Gabi gets all huffy about it.

Marcela and Abelardo got all the way back home before she showed him the most recent of Laura’s drawings. She tells him about her dream, about Frida looking relieved when the cabin door opened. She wouldn’t have looked relieved if it had been Salvador, right?

Abelardo really wants her to quit thinking like this, but Marcela says she can’t.

Salvador complains to Rafaela that he’s afraid to leave his cell. Rafaela tells him about her conversation with Zambrano and asks him to tell the truth–he never did “anything” to Ingrid, right? Nothing that could be interpreted as…?

“Ingrid is my daughter!”

“And Frida was your niece.”

He asks the guard to take him back to his cell.

Antonio and Ángel are having breakfast and talking about Gabi’s partnership proposal. Seriously, why is this even up for debate? Antonio thinks Ángel should do it. They work well together.

“How am I going to be partners with the woman whose husband I stole?”

Antonio objects to putting it that way. And what if they just partner up for a year? That should be long enough to get the firm back on its feet. Oh, FFS, Ángel’s thinking about it.

The cops review the evidence. Again. And their theory about how/what/why things happened. Pedroza is really excited about throwing Salvador in jail for up to 155 years for premeditated kidnapping and murder.

Marcela wakes up in Frida’s bed. There are clumps of hair on her pillow. Frida’s there, sitting at the foot of her bed with her hands and feet tied.

Abelardo hears Marcela screaming “no.” He goes running into Frida’s room and Marcela says she saw Frida.

News montage: The Pons family moves out of the country. the trial is about to start. Salvador’s been in prison for four months.

Abelardo and Marcela show up at the courthouse.

Salvador’s lawyer brings up the affair Marcela had with Cabrera. She admits to it and Salvador looks confused. Rafaela’s gloating.

Abelardo is pissed off at Rafaela and he’s taking it out on Marcela. She has to remind him that she wasn’t the first one who cheated.

Courtroom again. Sasha’s on the stand. Salvador was being weird about not wanting anyone in his office and he was upset that Rafaela was in his office, but she doesn’t know what Rafaela was looking for. (So, nobody’s going to bring up Sasha and Abelardo’s affair?)

With Abelardo back in the country, Antonio’s trying to put some space between him and Ángel.

Lorena shows up to testify. She looks nervous.

Marcela tries to prepare the girls for the news that’s bound to come out tomorrow.

Lorena takes the stand. Zambrano asks her to confirm what she told them earlier…

But Lorena says her testimony was false. She lied to the administration at the time. She was in love with Salvador and she thought her accusation would pressure him into a relationship. (Oh please, Rafaela totally set that up.)

Zambrano explains to Abelardo and Marcela that Lorena was their key witness. She’s sure “someone in the family” knew about Lorena.

Abelardo knows she means Rafaela….

Who is currently paying off Lorena with a check. (AYFKM?)

Antonio goes over to Gabi’s. She said it was urgent.

She urgently needed to tell him the baby’s visible sex organs on the latest ultrasound indicated the baby “is a girl.”

Marcela can’t sleep. Tropic of Cancer is on the kitchen counter. Frida picks it up and walks out of the house with it. Marcela follows her.

Salvador picks her up outside the house….

Marcela wakes up for real this time.

Salvador meets with Rafaela and his lawyer. She scolds him about needing to look completely in control. The lawyer agrees, he needs to be sure about everything he says.

On the stand, Salvador denies everything he said in his interrogation. He’s not saying they lied, he’s just saying it’s not true.

So Zambrano shows the video and asks him again–did he have sex with Frida or not?

Salvador says it’s not true. He didn’t have Frida and he never did anything to her.

On the tape, Salvador says Frida knew what she was doing, she was the one who wanted him, she called him the day after she disappeared.

Salvador keeps insisting it’s not true. They made him confess! The crowd’s not buying that.

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