Buscando a Frida, viernes 14 de mayo, Capítulo 78

Ángel’s not up for any celebrations. He’s too shook up by Sasha’s death. Antonio talks him into going to whatever shenanigans Manuel has planned. He’ll even go with him.

Diego and Gabi have barely gotten home and Ddiego’s already planning to go out with his friends. Gabi tells him to open his present and call his dad and thank him.

Diego refuses, of course, and when he complains about his dad Gabi realizes Diego knows who Antonio’s with.

Antonio and Ángel walk out of the apartment and sneak right by Gabi.

The Terán kids are pissed that their parents just put money in their accounts. Ingrid softens up, though, and says the big present is that they’re all together.

Salvador walks Rafaela down the hall to help her into bed, or make sure she’s not drinking, or whatever.

Salvador comes back to the dining room and hears Ingrid telling Tomás she saw their mom with that handbag they were showing on the news.

At the police station, IT has recovered what they could from the memory card, and they’ve found the confession that Salvador recorded for the kids.

Gabi followed Antonio and Ángel to the bar and no one’s batting an eye about a very pregnant woman walking into a gay bar.

Finally the horror we’ve all been dreading has happened…Gabi saw them maybe kissing, burst into tears and ran out of the club. Actually, I’ve also been waiting for her to have such an upset that she goes into labor. So far she’s just crying and screaming at the guys.

Diego shows up to take Gabi home and he’s all “Merry Christmas, Antonio.”

Salvador startles Rafaela in the tub. You’d think after the time he tried to drown her she’d lock the door or something.

Salvador tells her the kids know everything. Ingrid saw her with that bag.

Whatever. Ingrid’s a kid and she doesn’t know what she’s saying. Now, can he please leave and let her finish her bath in peace, ’cause that cheapass wine he bought is giving her a headache.

Gabi’s still crying when she and Diego get home. She wants him to tell her “everything.” (Including the part where he hired guys to beat Ángel up?)

At home, Antonio’s still upset. And he thinks this is a sign they should break up. They’re paying for their mistakes. They can’t only think about their own happiness. He shoves Ángel away from him and leaves the apartment.

Marcela wakes up in the middle of the night and watches the family celebrating. Salvador sneaks upstairs. So does Frida.

Outside the house, he gives Frida a present…a USB with the music he liked growing up.

Marcela watches them hug…and then looks over and sees Rafaela watching them too.

Now she’s really awake and it’s 6am.

Ángel calls and leaves a message asking Antonio to call him. He just wants to know how he’s doing.

When the doorbell rings, he rushes to answer it and Gabi bursts into the apartment demanding that he tell her everything.

Marcela tells Rosita about her dream. Abelardo overhears, so Marcela tells him about the dream. She thinks it means that Rafaela knew what was going on.

So much for “I don’t have a sister anymore,” Abelardo’s still pissed that she would dare insinuate, bla bla bla.

Gabi’s upset that of all the men in the world, Ángel had to go after his best friend’s husband. She accuses him of trying to steal her life. He can forget about their partnership.


Marcela asks Cabrera if he thinks Rafaela could have known all along, because of her dream.

Cabrera doesn’t think Rafaela would ever admit it. He tells her he’ll keep investigating, but she should go spend the day with her kids.

And then he says he’s going to ask Silvia to leave because after the other night, something something feelings.

Marcela brought him a present, but she doesn’t want him to open it until she leaves.

Somebody’s ringing Enrique’s doorbell and I hope it’s not Rafaela. Oh, good, it’s Abelardo. At least he seems to have some sympathy for what Enrique’s going through.

But then he tells Enrique about the keys and that Sasha knew something about Frida’s murder and unless he’s trying to encourage Enrique to go after Salvador, I don’t know why he’s doing this.

Tomás and Ingrid are searching for the bag in their parents’ closet.

Rafaela catches them.

They give her a story about doing a short film and Ingrid needed to look like she’s going to a formal.

Rafaela doesn’t know what bag they’re talking about and they’d better get out of her room.

Robles has Abelardo meet him on the street outside his house to tell him Salvador’s dying tomorrow.

Enrique comes over to the Terán’s apartment, screaming for Salvador. He demands to know why Salvador killed Sasha. Was it because she had the keys? They know everything.

Rafaela shoves Enrique out the door as he screams that Salvador’s gonna be sorry.

Tomás comes over to Cabrera’s.


Tomás wants to look at the pictures again. Ingrid said their mom left the house with a bag like that, but it’s not in her room. He says when they found the stuff in the river, he had to wake her up to watch the news. She went running out of the house and didn’t say where she was going.

Salvador mocks Rafaela. Sasha followed her, saw her toss the keys, and stopped long enough to pick them up and put them in her bag. They’re both going to jail now and who knows what’s going to happen to Ingrid and Tomás.

In the morning Salvador’s headed to the studio for a meeting (that Robles mentioned to Abelardo) and Rafaela can’t convince him to come back to bed.

Cabrera tells the fiscal what Tomás said about that bag and Rafaela being out of the house the day Sasha was killed. She says they have to protect the kids.

Cabrera gets a phone call from someone and says he has to leave to prevent a problem.

Robles is preparing to shoot Salvador in a parking garage with a fancy gun.

But Cabrera shows up and pushes Salvador to the ground.

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