Buscando a Frida, lunes 17 de mayo, Capítulo 79

Cabrera saves Salvador, who is on the verge of passing out, ’cause it’s pretty stressful to have people trying to kill you (I mean, ask Frida, she’ll tell you).

Marcela comes over to Rafaela’s to ask why she didn’t say anything about Salvador and Frida’s relationship.

Ángel’s waiting in Gabi’s office to talk about ending their partnership. She’s a jerk about him not getting any money. She’ll have her lawyer draw up the paperwork for him to sign.

Rafaela mocks Marcela about getting messages from Frida in her dreams.

Whatever, did she know or not? Marcela figures she did, but she was protecting Salvador. She did it with the student who testified at his trial too. Sucks to be a capable woman stuck in a toxic relationship.

Rafaela insists she didn’t know what was happening and it’s all in Marcela’s head.

Cabrera drops Salvador off at his house. He suggests Salvador stay home.

Abelardo hired someone, didn’t he?

Abelardo’s not the only one who wants him dead. This is the last time Cabrera protects him–he’s on his own from now on.

Salvador gets inside the apartment and sobs to Rafaela about nearly getting killed.

Gabi comes over to Abelardo’s to ask for his “help” which is apparently code for telling him Antonio’s gay and dating Ángel?

Ingrid hears Salvador say he was almost killed, but Rafaela says he said he was nearly robbed is all. Everything’s fine….

I’m not sure what kind of “help” Gabi wanted but what she’s getting is Abelardo hating on gay people.

Ingrid knows what she heard. She goes through her stuff and finds an exacto knife to cut with.

Cabrera complains to Cantú about needing to arrest Robles, but Cantú says if he does that he’d better arrest Abelardo as well. What he did was a crime.

The fiscal interrupts to tell Cabrera in this very serious way and as if they haven’t talked about it before, that they need to protect the Terán kids.

Tomás goes to Ingrid’s room to ask to borrow her charger, but the door is locked. He busts the door down and comforts Ingrid.

Salvador and Rafaela are arguing in the office when Tomás comes in and says Ingrid cut herself and he’s already called 911.

Marcela tells Gabi that Abelardo told her what’s going on and she’s sorry. She’s wanted to disappear too, but then she remembers that she’s got kids to live for. Gabi’s just gotta get it together, because her kids need her. And she’ll be the madrina for this baby, if Gabi wants.

Abelardo interrupts a board meeting where Antonio’s announcing they landed a contract to build a highway. He says Antonio’s fired and he’s sure Antonio doesn’t want to talk about his double life in front of everyone else.

Abelardo follws Antonio to his office screaming at him about what he did to Gabi. Antonio threatens to sue him for discrimination and Abelardo says some kind of BS like “I’m not calling you m*****n because you’re gay, its because you didn’t have the balls to tell Gabi before you married her.” He tells Antonio to get out and Antonio somehow manages to do it like he’s leaving, but not because Abelardo told him to.

Rafaela LIES at the hospital, telling a nurse that Ingrid follows her treatment carefully and she’s OK. She insists on taking her home tonight, but Salvador pulls rank and says she stays.

Abelardo’s moving back into his office when Cabrera shows up. Someone tried to kill Salvador. Cabrera stopped them so Abelardo wouldn’t get his hands dirty. They know about his conversations with Robles, so Abelardo needs to back off. If there’s another attempt on Salvador or he meets with Robles again, Cabrera will arrest him.

The Teráns get home, minus Ingrid, and Rafaela’s heading straight for the bottle again. Salvador starts arguing with her and Tomás is like “WTF kind of parents are you?!” He says he’s not going to let Salvador hit him or Ingrid.

Antonio shows up at Ángel’s, drunk, and says he got fired.

Cabrera’s leaving a message for Cantú, asking if she wants to go get tacos. I bet Tomás wants to get tacos.. He tells Cabrera about Ingrid cutting herself. She couldn’t take anymore and he doesn’t think he can either. Cabrera’s gotta get them out of that apartment!

Rafaela shows up at Abelardo’s to accuse him of hiring someone to kill Salvador and what happened to the values their parents raised them with, etc. She sobs about how her family has completely fallen apart and if he has any affection left for her can he please leave them alone.

Abelardo says she doesn’t exist for him and throws her out.

Rafaela’s looking pretty happy about that, so I’m wondering what else she plans to do so that her alibi is “I was at Abelardo’s house, begging for mercy.”

So, I was all happy that Cabrera was going to help the Terán kids, so tell me why Tomás shows up at Gabi’s and asks Diego if he can stay there.

Gabi’s fine with him staying there, but she wants all the chisme. (That’s not what she said, but come on, we all know it’s what she meant.)

Rafaela gloats that Tomás is just trying to get their attention and of course he wouldn’t have gone to the police or anything.

Gabi calls to tell Rafaela that Tomás is at her house and why didn’t Rafaela tell her about Ingrid being in the hospital?! She’s still their family!

Gabi motions for Diego to take Tomás upstairs so she can ask Rafaela WTF is going on in her house. How long has Ingrid been cutting?

Rafaela blames it all on the kids being harassed online and by the neighbors and she shouldn’t have to tell the whole world.

Gabi’s not buying this. Especially not since Tomás asked to stay with her for a few months and for Ingrid to move in too.

Rafaela tells Gabi to butt out…it’s not her fault if Antonio left her for being immature.

Whatevs. Tomás is staying, whether she likes it or not. Salvador says Tomás has lost faith in them, now that he knows what they’re capable of.

Zambrano wants to try arguing that the kids have been abandoned.

Martín says it won’t fly. They’re rich kids–everyone thinks they have the perfect life.

Looks like the Terán parents didn’t lose any sleep over how badly they’ve messed up their kids’ lives.

Cabrera comes over and rings the doorbell until Rafaela answers. He says he’s not getting out of their lives until justice is done.

Marcela’s dreaming about Frida’s death again. This time she sees Rafaela pull the trigger.

Five more episodes!

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