Buscando a Frida, martes 18 de mayo, Capítulo 80

Cabrera shows Rafaela and Salvador the recovered confession video. He says they’re totally busted and they either need to show this video to their kids or Cabrera will do it.

Marcela’s taking off without breakfast. Rosita knows she dreamed about Frida, but Marcela doesn’t want to tell her exactly what. Rosita reminds her about the New Year’s Eve dinner tonight.

Marcela can’t celebrate anything until her daughter’s killer pays for their crime.

Enrique is shocked that Abelardo tried to have Salvador killed…but he’s willing to help. Especially after Abelardo reminds him Salvador killed Sasha too.

Ángel’s been paying the rent on a month-to-month basis and now his landlady’s terminating the contract. He thinks it’s because Gabi talked to her.

Cabrera has to remind Marcela that dreams aren’t evidence. He does tell her that he knows Rafaela killed Frida, but she has to let him do his job. She has to trust him.

The Teráns are broke. Rafaela’s talking about hiring a lawyer to press charges on Cabrera for harassment, but they barely have money for groceries. Rafaela insists they’re “fine” and the kids are “fine” and they’re going to go pick up Ingrid soon.

Salvador thinks the only way out of this is for them to turn themselves in to the cops.

Cabrera walks Marcela out to her car. Cantú watches from across the street as they say their goodbyes.

Rafaela says if they turn themselves in, the kids are going to live like orphans. If he wants to be a hero he can go turn himself in for having sex with his niece.

And the Parents of the Year have kept the kids waiting at the hospital for an hour. Gabi’s really reluctant to let Ingrid come home with her, but the kids talk her into it. Rafaela shows up at Gabi’s to pick them up, but they refuse to go with her.

Abelardo gets home and finds Marcela crying. She tells him Rafaela killed Frida, así nomás.

Salvador’s annoyed that Rafaela came home without the kids. And now suddenly she thinks it was a good idea, to get them away from the harassment.

Salvador says the only way to save the kids is turning themselves in.

So now that Marcela has accused Rafaela of being a murderer she’s Abelardo’s sister again and how dare Marcela talk about her like that!

Marcela reminds him that she said when they got Frida back she wanted a divorce. She still wants one.

Salvador comes over to Gabi’s to see Ingrid. He tries to get her to come back home, but she won’t. Mommy’s too scary.

Abelardo comes over to Rafaela’s. Wow, there is quite a collection of half-empty glasses on the table. Oh…right…conversation…Abelardo has gotten an amparo (court order? injunction? order of protection?) saying the kids can stay with Gabi. If Rafaela divorces Salvador, they can renegotiate.

And then he gathers up the booze bottles and pours them down the sink. I dunno, looks like there’s still plenty on the table. He tenderly tells her it hurts him to see her like this and she’s going to end up alone and out on the street.

In Diego’s room, he and Tomás are playing video games while Ingrid looks through pictures on Diego’s laptop. She sees the picture that was on the fake holiday card and she’s like WTF?!

Ingrid and Tomás start demanding that Diego tell them if the holiday harassment card came from him.

Gabi hears the shouting and Ingrid challenges Diego to tell her what he did.

Cantú comes over to talk to Marcela about Cabrera. I frickin’ hate this. These are two grown-ass capable women and the only relationship the writers can imagine them having is one where they’re fighting over a guy. Seriously, they had such an opportunity here and they took us down the same tired-ass road. Yeah, I’ve got some feelings about this.

Enrique walks into the office carrying what even I can tell is a gun case. How many surveillance cameras have now seen him? He doesn’t even bother closing the door to Abelardo’s office as he presents it to Abelardo. So, I guess when he said “help” he didn’t mean “I’ll do it for you.” Good boundaries.

Salvador comes home with groceries. Rafaela asks about the kids.

Um, yeah, he saw Ingrid and things are worse than he thought. Ingrid won’t come home. She’s afraid of Rafaela. (Do I even believe Rafaela’s tears right now?)

OK, then, they’ll turn themselves in. She just wants a day to put her affairs in order. Salvador is sure the kids will be fine and this is best for them.

Gabi’s like “Seriously, Diego?” and Diego says that depravado isn’t his uncle.

Ingrid: “Then I’m not your prima.”

Diego has no regrets because, after all, didn’t he tell the truth?

OK, I’m not going over this Silvia-Marcela bullshit conversation.

I’m also not here for Pedroza telling Cabrera he should be with Silvia.

Abelardo contemplates photos of the kids and his shiny new gun.

Another pointless team meeting at the police station. I mean, seriously, they go over everything we already knew and they do it like “Hey, here’s this mind-blowing information!” And WTF with “This could be our best piece of evidence!” Like…you’re the fiscal, shouldn’t you know if it is or isn’t?

Zambrano calls Salvador and really loudly asks him to come downstairs and talk to her. He gives Rafaela some bullshit excuse about meeting somebody from the firm to talk about some work. He didn’t think about turning himself in. He’ll have to make an excuse now. In person.

She checks his phone when he leaves and there’s “Fiscal Zambrano” on his call list.

Downstairs, in her car, Zambrano tells Salvador that they can already arrest him based on his confession video, but if he testifies against Rafaela she can get his sentence reduced to something “reasonable.”

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