Buscando a Frida, miércoles 19 de mayo, Capítulo 81

Of course Salvador’s not going to take the deal.

Zambrano says it’s only on the table until tomorrow.

Marcela’s sleeping in Frida’s room. Frida tells her everything is going to be OK.

Abelardo finds her there and he’s irritated that they’re not even divorced and she’s already sleeping in a different room. And besides, she doesn’t reeeally want a divorce. Now’s not the time to make that decision. And they have the girls.

Well, Marcela knows she can’t keep living like this.

Salvador gets home and finds Rafaela waiting for him. She asks if he saw the architect. Because she asked Gabi and Gabi didn’t know of anyone wanting to hire Salvador.

He is so not up for another interrogation. He promises she can trust him and asks to spend their last few hours of freedom without lies or arguments.

Zambrano is sure Salvador’s going to turn Rafaela in. Cabrera doesn’t think Salvador will go through with it.

Zambrano insists she’ll have them both in jail within 24 hours.

Antonio stops by Gabi’s to try to see Diego. Gabi says a bunch of hateful, homophobic crap about keeping him away from the kids.

Cabrera stopped by Enrique’s office to ask him about the relationship between Rafaela and Sasha. (Poor Enrique. It feels like he’s being manipulated from all sides.) Cabrera comes just shy of telling Enrique that Rafaela killed Sasha.

Gabi: homophobia, homophobia, I’m taking the kids away from you. Antonio: Nope, I’m not gonna let you.

In the car, Ángel calls Antonio. When he hears about Gabi’s threat, he starts talking about lawyers, but Antonio tells him it’s over between them.

Enrique doesn’t want to believe that Rafaela could be capable of killing anyone and she certainly wasn’t jealous because she didn’t care about him enough for that. (Hm, no, I don’t agree.)

Diego apologizes to Tomás and Ingrid before they leave for the family dinner. He doesn’t want them to be fighting since they’re all he has. They put their fists together like “Go, Primos!”

Pedroza interrupts another Cabrera-Zambrano argument about whether or not Salvador will turn on Rafaela. He’s got champagne and he wants to toast with everybody before they go home.

Marcela calls Cabrera to wish him a happy new year. Abelardo hears her wishing that next year will be better.

Rosita’s setting out glasses with 12 grapes to eat at midnight. Enrique’s already at the house, toasting with Abelardo.

I cannot back Gabi on that dress. I think the hem is an awkward length.

Ingrid says it’s weird to be there without her parents. Diego adds, “and Frida.” Gabi jumps in and says they shouldn’t think about Frida with guilt tonight or it will mess up the rest of the year. They have to think that she’s somewhere celebrating along with them.

And Marcela comes out with, “She’s dead, Gabi. And her murderer is still out there. And they’re close to all of us.”

Cara and Lau come bounding downstairs and Lau’s pink sparkly dress is what Gabi’s dress is desperately trying to be, but it’s trying too hard. What? I have opinions about bling.

Rafaela and Salvador are all dressed up for a dinner alone. Rafaela drugs Salvador’s glass of wine. Bla bla bla, we were happy, where did it all go wrong? They have sex on the kitchen counter while super-dramatic music plays.

Enrique checks with Abelardo to make sure they’re still doing the murder tonight.

Cabrera and Cantú have dinner while completely ignoring Max. Cantú breaks up with him. Cabrera, I mean, not Max.

Salvador and Rafaela get all buttoned up again. That pill’s really kicking in now, so Rafaela asks why he betrayed her, talking to Zambrano. She gave him her whole life, she defended him, she covered up all of his mistakes, she did everything to protect him–even going against her family–and he betrayed her. She collects the wine glasses and goes over to the sink as Salvador dies or passes out. He takes the tablecloth and everything on it with him.

Rosita and her cooking is really what’s holding the Pons family together. As everyone else starts eating, Abelardo calls to ask Rafaela to come to dinner and see the kids–without Salvador. (Oh, hey, good thing she killed him, then, ’cause that would have been awkward.)

Rafaela cleans up the mess in the dining area and stages it to look like Salvador killed himself. Once again we get the spray of blood courtesy of the effects department.

She re-set the table for dinner. I mean, she’s gonna get caught, but props for her dedication to the plan?

At Abelardo’s, the family have just finished the countdown to New Year and are eating their grapes. And here comes Rafaela. How nice.

It’s strongly implied that Ángel took a bunch of pills.

Cantú’s starting to pack up her stuff. She thinks it’s best to take care of that now. She’ll be asking for a transfer at work.

Marcela is furious that Abelardo invited Rafaela over. The kids didn’t want to see her! (I guess the good thing is he’s always been inconsiderate, so it doesn’t seem weird.)

Outside, he hops into the car with Enrique. (Aw, isn’t Enrique the best BFF ever?)

No, the kids didn’t want to see Rafaela, but she swears she hasn’t had a drop to drink tonight.

Ingrid says she’s still scared…of her mom and dad killing each other.

Rafaela’s just SHOCKED that they could think such a thing! She’s so sorry and swears she and their dad never intended to hurt them. This gets her a hug. Marcela looks on, remembering Cabrera telling her to trust him. Rafaela looks over at Marcela and I swear they have an entire conversation with their eyes where Marcela’s like “I know you did it” and Rafaela’s like “Prove it.”

Enrique got Abelardo a copy of the keys to the apartment. He’ll be waiting downstairs.

Abelardo goes up to the apartment and finds the body. Abelardo’s face: “But I hadn’t killed him yet!”

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