Buscando a Frida, jueves 20 de mayo, Capítulo 82

Abelardo comes out of the apartment building gagging. He hurries to get the gloves off his hands and tells Enrique that Salvador was already dead.

Gabi’s trying to encourage the Terán kids to go see their dad, but Marcela’s like “Um, they left the apartment for a reason.”

Abelardo and Enrique get back and make an obviously fake excuse about needing to go pick up Enrique’s prescriptions from the pharmacy.

The two of them head for his office. Abelardo tells Enrique what he saw and says he’s going to call Cabrera. I think that’s a pretty decent idea, but Enrique tells him to keep it to himself.

Rafaela comes in to say goodbye and conveniently leave her purse on the desk so Abelardo can return her keys.

Rafaela opens the door to the apartment like this is all so tiresome for her. She works up some tears when the 911 operator answers.

We’ve established that Silvia’s breaking up with Martín and packing up her stuff, but she’s still there when Aguilera calls to tell Martín that Salvador is dead.

At Abelardo’s I feel like it’s obvious that Abelardo and Enrique know what’s going on when the phone rings, but Marcela gets to it first. She pulls Abelardo aside.

Cabrera gets to the Teráns’ apartment and the press is outside already. He and Cantú ignore them.

I don’t know who exactly called, but they told Marcela that Salvador committed suicide.

Aguilera tells Cantú and Cabrera the cause of death was definitely the gunshot wound, but he’s not sure it was a suicide. Something about the blood spatter isn’t convincing.

At the Pons’ house, the adults call Tomás and Ingrid downstairs and tell them their dad committed suicide.

Zambrano’s questioning Rafaela in her bedroom. Cabrera joins them.

Rafaela’s story is pure bullshit. Salvador confessed to her tonight that he killed Frida and she was so upset that she went over to Abelardo’s and left him alone and she had no idea he had a gun in the house.

Did he kill Sasha? No, he only talked about Frida and he said he was going to turn himself in. Of course, she’s going to cooperate with them now to try to repair the damage, bla bla bla.

Cabrera sees this for the bullshit it is and says so to Pedroza.

At Abelardo’s, Enrique prepares to go back to the apartment. They gave Ingrid a sedative, so she’s upstairs sleeping. Tomás wants to go with Enrique, but Marcela tells him she’ll take him over tomorrow.

Marcela calls Cabrera to ask if it was really suicide, like Rafaela said. He says it looks that way, but it’s too early to say. Is it true that Rafaela was over at her house to see the kids?

Marcela says she was. She showed up late and didn’t stay long.

Cabrera says they’ve almost finished this case. He’ll call her when he has more, but in the meantime rest and trust him.

Enrique shows up at the apartment, begging Cabrera to let him see Rafaela.

In the bedroom, Enrique tells Rafaela he’s so glad that monster Salvador didn’t do anything to her. Rafaela’s face: “Crap, now I have to keep acting like I’m all broken up about this.”

In the morning, Tomás comes running down the street toward the apartment building. Cabrera and Cantú don’t seem to notice him. Rafaela and Enrique come out of the building and go around to the side, where Abelardo has just showed up.

Zambrano and Aguilar occupy the press at the front of the building, while the forensics team wheels Salvador’s body out. Tomás tries to get to the gurney, but Rafaela holds him back. Cabrera and Cantú watch her, looking like they’re trying not to roll their eyes.

Antonio comes over to Ángel’s and convinces the building superintendent to let him into the apartment.

Thankfully, Ángel’s not dead. Antonio drags him into the shower.

Cabrera and Cantú show up at the morgue. Aguilar says the gun only had Salvador’s prints on it. He definitely pulled the trigger, but it all looks staged to him. The gun had been shoved into his mouth. They’re still waiting on bloodwork results.

Rafaela talks to Tomás and tells him that his dad admitted to being with Frida and it was totally on him because he was the adult.

Tomás doesn’t understand why Rafaela left him alone and he doesn’t think his dad is a killer.

Rafaela begs him to…you know, I had a hard time paying attention when I knew she was faking the whole thing. Basically she was trying to get Tomás on her side.

Ángel took pills and booze because he couldn’t handle Antonio breaking up with him. Antonio gets a call from Enrique and says he’ll be right over. He tells Ángel that Salvador shot himself in the head.

So, Tomás and Rafaela and Abelardo are over at Gabi’s, but Ingrid is back at Abelardo’s house with Marcela taking care of her. Gabi wants Rafaela to rest before they all go see Ingrid.

Abelardo’s watching Rafaela pretend to be upset like he knows she’s faking. She begs his forgiveness for betraying the family. His face doesn’t look very forgiving.

Police station. Another useless meeting so Aguilera can interrupt with a phone call to Cabrera to tell him Rafaela’s a lying liar and Salvador was waaaaay doped up and unconscious when the gun was fired.

Cabrera wants a warrant for Rafaela’s arrest. Zambrano and Pedroza nod at each other “dramatically” while the “OMG THIS IS SERIOUSLY DRAMATIC” music plays.

The cops head to Gabi’s and guess what…Rafaela’s not there. She was supposed to be in Gabi’s room resting and no one knows where she is now.

Rafaela sneaks into Abelardo’s house to spring Ingrid. She overhears Caro, Lau, and Rosita talking about how much Diego has matured lately and how they’re going to conveniently leave Ingrid upstairs alone while they head out to the garden.

Rafaela wakes up Ingrid, who asks if what happened was her fault. Rafaela rushes to say it wasn’t and it was just that her dad couldn’t live with the guilt.

Gabi calls to tell Rafaela the cops are looking for her and Rafaela tells Ingrid to get her shoes on and come with her. They need to stick together, Ingrid just needs to make an effort and Rafaela will help her.

She drags Ingrid down the stairs and gets busted by Rosita. Rosita calls for Marcela, who comes downstairs as Rafaela’s getting to the front door. Rafaela shoves her away when Marcela says she’s not taking Ingrid.

Rafaela keeps dragging Ingrid out of the house and to a car that’s not their car.

Marcela comes running out of the house and stands in front of the car. Rafaela tells her to move or she’ll run her over.

Ingrid’s like “WTF, mom! Why are you talking to my aunt like that?!”

Marcela dodges at the last second then gets into her own car to follow Rafaela.

2 episodes left!

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