Buscando a Frida, viernes 21 de mayo, Capítulo 83

Cabrera’s leaving a team behind at Gabi’s house while he heads to who knows where. Marcela calls, so now he has a where.

When Cabrera tells Abelardo what’s going on, Abelardo warns him there’s a gun in the glove box of his car, which Rafaela is currently driving.

Cabrera has a choice–he can take Abelardo with him or Abelardo will follow them anyway.

In the car, Abelardo still wants to know what’s going on. Cabrera tells him Rafaela killed Salvador and he remembers walking in and finding the body.

Ingrid is freaking out. Rafaela tells her it’s going to be ok, they’re together, and that’s all that matters. She drives faster when she sees Marcela following them.

Cabrera’s got backup on the way in the form of a search helicopter.

Abelardo gets stuck again on the same thing–is he sure Rafaela did it?

Cabrera’s like “You were gonna do it.” But Rafaela beat him to it. She drugged him and then staged it to look like a suicide. And she also shot Frida, to keep her from turning in Salvador.

Marcela calls with her current location.

Zambrano tries asking Tomás and Gabi if they can think of someplace Rafaela might go, but everyone gets snippy with her.

As Zambrano walks out, Antonio walks in and asks if Salvador really…. Gabi just nods.

Upstairs, Tomás explains to Diego that his mom took Ingrid because she knew about that bag with all the evidence. Diego gets all fixated on “I knew it was your dad who had Frida!”

What Tomás is upset about is that Rafaela knew and didn’t tell them. His family’s falling apart and he doesn’t want to lose his mom or his sister.

Ingrid tries to convince her mom to slow down, but she won’t. Marcela keeps honking her horn behind them.

Rafaela says everything is going to be fine. She makes a sudden U-turn and loses Marcela.

Marcela calls Abelardo and says she lost them. Cabrera tells her to send her location and they’ll come get her.

Rafaela brought Ingrid to what she claims is a safe place they can hide out until danger passes. She gets out of the car and inhales the fresh abandoned warehouse air.

Ingrid finds the gun in the glove box. She also finds Rafaela’s cell phone and turns it on. When Rafaela comes back to the car, Ingrid gives her the gun to distract her so she won’t see the phone.

In the back of the SUV with Cabrera and Abelardo, Marcela keeps complaining about losing Rafaela and how Rafaela’s out of control. Abelardo and Cabrera both tell her they’re going to find Rafaela. Abelardo apologizes for not believing her when she said Rafaela had killed Frida.

Cantú calls to tell Cabrera that as soon as they have a location for Rafaela, they’ll pass it along to him. Which they do.

Antonio’s still a little behind on the story and Tomás sums it up as “My mom’s gone crazy.”

Diego is, as usual, not happy to see his dad in the house. Well, Antonio’s not going to let Diego keep him away. Gabi begs Diego to back off.

Rafaela explains to Ingrid that this is the family’s first cementera.

Ingrid’s not impressed and she wants to leave, but Rafaela insists they stay and bond. She talks about sitting with her dad and trying to convince him she was better than Abelardo.

Yeah, that’s nice, Ingrid still wants to leave.

Rafaela says they’re trying to pin all Salvador’s crimes on her and she just can’t let that happen. They’ll stay here until they can leave the country and start over. But just them, because Tomás betrayed her and decided to stay with “them.”

She grabs Ingrid by the back of her hair and says she needs to learn that you can’t trust men.

But hey, don’t worry! The two of them are going to make up for lost time, because they’re never going to betray each other.

Ingrid asks for water and Rafaela goes off to find some.

Oh, right, Marcela didn’t know Rafaela killed Salvador. Well, Abelardo fills her in.

Cabrera doesn’t know what Rafaela’s doing, but he doesn’t think she has a plan.

Rafaela remembers Abelardo telling her and Gabi a ghost story and the three of them bickering. Abelardo says he’s the favorite and the other two are stupid and maybe someone should have nipped that kind of talk in the bud. I mean, it might not have helped, but it sure couldn’t have made things worse.

Ingrid calls Abelardo and explains where she is. He tells her they’re on the way, but she needs to NOT tell her mom she talked to him.

Rafaela, of course, walks in just before Ingrid ends the call and hides the phone.

Abelardo tells Cabrera, and Cabrera tells the rest of the team, that Rafaela’s at the Pons’ old cement works.

Zambrano sweeps back into Gabi’s house to tell them they know where Rafaela is. Gabi still can’t figure out what Rafaela is doing there or why she took Ingrid.

The fiscal (who I don’t think is at all sorry to be the one delivering this news, just saying) tells Gabi that Rafaela killed Salvador. They’ve got evidence that, without a doubt, Rafaela killed Salvador, Sasha, and Frida.

Gabi goes instantly to denial with a side of tears.

Rafaela pulls out the gun, because Ingrid betrayed her. BETRAYED HER!

They hear Cabrera’s SUV pulling up with the siren going.

Cabrera asks for some background and Abelardo says this is where the Pons companies started. They used to play there as kids.

Cabrera parks near Abelardo’s car. He’s going in, but he needs Abelardo and Marcela to stay in the car and call him if anything happens.

Diego’s fussing over Gabi, so she sends him to get her a cup of tea.

Instead he lurks in the hallway and listens to Gabi freak out and Antonio try to convince her that he’s genuinely worried about her, that he really did love her. The way he looked at her, the way he made love to her…he did love her and he’s sorry.

Gabi sobs about feeling alone and wanting to close her eyes and never open them again.

Antonio insists he’s going to be there for her and the kids no matter what happens.

Rafaela insists Ingrid hates her. That she’s always hated her. (Projection much?) Ingrid just never understood that Rafaela wanted Ingrid to be a strong woman, like her.

Cabrera finds them and asks Rafaela to let Ingrid go.

When Ingrid tries to make a run for it, Rafaela holds the gun to the back of her head, spouting some nonsense about not wanting to have to punish Ingrid, but it’s her job as a mother to raise her right.

Marcela’s in the car complaining that Rafaela’s trying to kill Ingrid the way she did Frida.

For once Abelardo’s in favor of letting the cops do their jobs. He jumps out of the SUV as soon as they arrive to try to point out which direction Cabrera went.

Cabrera and Ingrid convince Rafaela not to shoot Ingrid. Cabrera puts down his gun and hits Rafaela with some honesty. Salvador’s bloodwork showed he’d been drugged and couldn’t have killed himself. The place is surrounded. Is she going to kill Ingrid with a gunshot, like she did Frida and Salvador? Or is she going to beat her to death like she did Sasha?

Mid-cry Ingrid stops and looks at her mom asks is if it’s true that she killed Ingrid’s dad.

Rafaela insists that she didn’t do it. He killed himself. She’s not a killer.

OK, Cabrera can work with that–she’s not a killer, she’s just a woman who made mistakes trying to defend her husband. If she’ll just let Ingrid go, the two of them can sort things out.

Cabrera comes outside to tell the team Rafaela is armed and she’s got a hostage. She wants them to send someone in to negotiate with her.

Ingrid’s still trying to convince Rafaela that she needs help. Rafaela’s all “We’re born alone and we die alone.” Ingrid can’t believe she killed Salvador and Frida.

This gets under Rafaela’s skin. She doesn’t want to hear Ingrid say that again.

Abelardo comes in and asks Rafaela to let Ingrid go. He won’t talk to her if she doesn’t. There’s nothing more she can do–they’re surrounded. Ingrid’s her daughter! Doesn’t she love her?

Ingrid takes her first opportunity to dash over to Abelardo and then past him out the door.

Cabrera hears Ingrid calling for help and walks in her direction. He has Cantú take her to Marcela and says if Abelardo’s not out in five minutes, he’s going in. Ingrid cries in Marcela’s arms. (I feel like, the way things are going, it’s like Marcela’s getting another daughter.)

Abelardo needles Rafaela until she admits she killed Frida, because Frida seduced her husband.

Then they argue about who did the seducing. And Abelardo can’t believe Rafaela was comforting him at the funeral! He’s sick of dealing with Rafaela’s envy and manipulations, but it’s over.

“Don’t make me shoot you! Don’t provoke me!”

Isn’t that what she always wanted? To get rid of him? All the damage she’s done has been to get back at him, so go for it!

He’s moved close enough to her to get his hands on the gun and tries to take it out of her hands. They struggle and the gun goes off. We’ll have to wait until the Gran Final to find out who (if anyone) got shot.

One more to go.

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