El Gran Final de Buscando a Frida, lunes 24 de mayo, Capítulo 84

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Who got shot?!

When the gun went off at the cementera, neither Abelardo nor Rafaela got shot. Rafaela made a run for it and the rest of Cabrera’s team moved in. Rafaela turned around and shot one of the cops in the chest, shot Cantú in the arm, and kept on running. Cabrera shot her in the back of the leg, and arrested her for killing Frida, Sasha, and Salvador.

Wait, so Rafaela’s not dead?


But what about the Terán kids?

They’re moving in with Abelardo and Marcela.

What happened to Cantú?

She is also not-dead, but she hasn’t changed her mind about transferring to a different team. Presumably, she and Cabrera are still “friends,” whatever that means.

The Pons house must have a million rooms!

Nope. Ingrid’s moving in with Caro and Lau. Tomás gets the guest room.

What was the deal with Marcela’s dreams?

As far as Marcela’s concerned, they were about Frida still being with her. Rosita thinks it means Frida’s soul can rest in peace.

Do Cabrera and Marcela get together?

Marcela doesn’t know if she’s leaving Abelardo or not. They both agree that “nunca te voy a dejar de amar,” but Marcela needs time.

OK, she can have until six.

I’m sorry, what?!

Yeah, by six. Because…six just seemed like a good time?

Marcela’s face: “AYFKM?”

And…Ángel and Antonio?

Ángel’s going to Madrid. Antonio doesn’t want him to go. Ángel wants Antonio to come with him, because he has “nothing” to stay for.

But Antonio’s got family. He wants one more chance with Ángel.

He won’t leave and Ángel won’t stay.

For once, Antonio works up the courage to kiss Ángel in public…but he still can’t leave.

I know this disappointed a lot of people. Part of me was disappointed he didn’t just run off with Ángel, but if he had, another part of me would have been disappointed that he skipped out on his family.

The trick of the show is to act like there are only two ways things can go and they’re based on immediate decisions. But maybe Antonio could have gone with Ángel for a few weeks and come back. He could have settled things in Mexico and gone to Spain later. Maybe Ángel could have stayed, they could have lived together, they could have found that all the little annoying things about each other that used to be cute got old fast and they ended the relationship anyway.

Did Rafaela ever get a psych eval?

Yep and they decided she knew what she was doing and was perfectly capable of serving her sentence…as soon as the courts decide what that is.

How about the 6pm deadline?

Marcela decided not to leave the house, but also not to be with Abelardo. Their marriage has been over for a long time and there’s no way to fix it. She’s staying for the kids.

When she got pregnant with Frida she gave up her career and her dreams and became a shadow of herself. “The wife of, the mother of….” It was a mistake.

She’s moving into Frida’s room.

Six came and went. One of the guys told Cabrera to come see who was in the office.

It’s Cantú. She’s there to pack up her stuff.

So, what was the purpose of Cabrera’s team in the first place?

Something like kidnappings/missing persons cases. Pedroza interrupts what would have been another awkward conversation between Cabrera and Cantú to announce there’s been a kidnapping of a 30-year-old woman with a demand for a ransom.

Three years later…


He’s Gabi’s babysitter. Gabi’s maybe dating. Diego’s kind of talking to him. He keeps in touch with Ángel on social media. Ángel just got married.

The Terán kids?

Abelardo goes to the prison to deliver a letter from Ingrid to Rafaela. He also rubs her face in it that he hasn’t forgiven her, that Ingrid’s moving to Europe and Tomás is going with her and he’s not going to tell her where they are, for their safety.

He hopes she’s making use of all this time to feel sorry for what she’s done and reflect on what she lost.

What did the letter say?

Mom, I hesitated to write this letter because I’ve spent way too long thinking about what you did and I don’t think I’ll ever understand it. You were Frida’s age once and you know anyone can make mistakes. Only someone without compassion is capable of doing what you did. You scare me.

At my church they talk about forgiveness and even though Tomás and I have tried to forgive you it’s too hard. Maybe one day we will. You’re our mother and we can’t hate you. Even though you’re in prison, you’re still here with us.

So we’re going far away. We both deserve something good in our lives, after all the bad. Tomás is going to take care of me. He always has, ever since you left us orphaned. You’re never going to hear about us again. For my brother and I, you no longer exist.

I only have one criticism and it’s that Tomás was taking care of her even when they nominally had two parents.

So what was it that Marcela was doing before she stopped working outside the home?

She was a reporter.

And what’s she up to now?

She wrote a book for people who are going through the pain of loss and have come out the other side. She won’t talk about her divorce except to say that she and Abelardo have a great friendship, that the girls have also kept going, despite losing Frida. Marcela hopes that the book helps those who think there’s no tomorrow. There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel and it’s worth it to keep living and looking for happiness.

What did Marcela write in Cabrera’s book?

Well, after they talked about his promotion and agreed to get coffee at the usual café and Martín opened the book…

Nunca he dejado de amarte.

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