About this blog

El Cohete was launched in 2016 as a place to publish articles about Spanish-language  and Spanglish pop culture–television, movies, music, books….

We love:
  • Spanish. We’re primarily English-speakers, and we may be most comfortable writing in English, but we have a love of Spanish as a language.
  • Television. We especially love telenovelas, and we love talking about telenovelas and series, but we watch with a critical eye and we don’t shy away from pointing out harmful or outdated attitudes.
  • Books. We’re always looking for ways to improve our reading skills in Spanish.
  • Music. We tend to focus a little more on music from our current favorite TV shows, but we’re always on the lookout for good música en Español.
Why El Cohete?

When we started the blog, the first thing we wrote about was the telenovela La Vecina. One of the most amusing and original subplots on this show centered around a homemade rocket. The blog is named in honor of this cohete and we include a rocket theme everywhere we can.

For more information about the blog: