Hello and Welcome to El Cohete. If you can’t seem to find what you need or you’re curious about everything that’s available, hopefully this page will help!

How do I get around here?

We’ve got a variety of ways to navigate, starting with the Main Menu:


You can also head for specific posts or types of posts by checking the “Latest” section on the Sidebar Menu:


Keep scrolling and you’ll find many other ways to explore all our available posts, including a search function.

How do I leave a comment?

If you’re on the main page, you’ll see either “Leave a comment” or the number of comments next to/under the excerpt of each post:


Clicking there will take you directly to the comment section of the post. Clicking on the Title (“Launch Pad….”) or “read more” will take you to the full text of the post.

Look for “Dejar un comentario/Leave a Reply” after the article to find the comment section and comment entry block:


Click on “Unirse a la discusión” and start typing to comment on the post.

You will not be able to leave comments on posts older than 7 days. If our system doesn’t recognize you for whatever reason (first-time poster, new name, new email address) your comment will be held for moderation (meaning it won’t appear right away).

More about the comment section
  • Comments are “threaded” or “nested.” Using the comment box at the top of the section replies to the post; clicking “Reply” under another comment allows you to post a reply to that comment.
  • Comments can be sorted so that the newest, oldest, or most voted comment is on top.
  • Up- and down-voting are available.  The number shown is the total of all up- and down-votes.
  • You can ask to receive notifications of either all new comments, or only new replies to your comments. This is right above the comment box at the top of the comment section.
  • An email address is not required to post a comment.
What's all that stuff listed on every post?

All the post information can be found to the left of (or below) each article–author, date, category, tag, comments–and it’s all clickable:


There’s a different set of information below the post, including links to let you navigate to previous and next posts in a series, sharing and like buttons, related posts, and an author bio (if available).

Below every comment section are links to the previous and next articles published to the blog.

More about sidebars

Like the staircases at Hogwarts, the sidebars (to the right of every post on desktop, below on mobile) like to change depending on what page you’re on, for example:

Present on every page
  • Stay up-to-date on site news – in this section find a link to the most recent blog news/open thread, announcements, and chat room link showing the current status
  • Recent posts – the five most recent
  • Search box – search El Cohete
  • Archives by date – an expanding list of posts by date
  • Yes, we do have a chat room!  It will primarily be available for scheduled chat events like Movie Nights or Gran Final watch parties, but there may also be scheduled chats on other topics or no topic at all, or the chat room may be opened spontaneously.
Present on the home page:
  • Subscription box – get all the latest articles in your inbox
  • Spanish word of the day – from
  • Recent articles on other blogs
  • Meta – log in/out, links to RSS feeds for posts and comments
  • We’re always looking for cool new stuff to add to the sidebar, so don’t be surprised if this changes frequently.
Present when reading an article about a series:
  • Quick reference guide – some basic info about the show, a list of characters, and episode guide.
    • The character list is collapsed behind a link to avoid presenting inadvertent spoilers for anyone who may not be entirely caught up.
    • The episode guide will primarily consist of links to summaries/recaps, but may also include other posts about the show.


Questions about recaps
  • How do you decide what to recap? It depends on what we’re interested in and what we have time for.
  • When do you post recaps? Where is the recap for _? We don’t have a set publication schedule. If you would like to receive notifications when new posts are available, you can follow us on Twitter, add us to your circles in Google plus, like us on Facebook, or subscribe to the blog. Comments requesting we hurry up or asking when the recap will be ready will likely be deleted. Nor will we respond as it runs the risk of compromising site security and the personal safety of our authors. For further information, please check out this article.
  • Can’t you recap ahead of time? We don’t work for the networks or studios or have any affiliation with them, so we don’t get advance copies of shows. Many websites that have videos available tend to use pirated copies and/or would expose our computers to viruses. For this reason we also avoid seeking out edited scenes. We recap strictly based on the US broadcast.

If you still have questions, feel free to contact us.

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