El Gran Final de Secretos Fri-Mon 5/6-5/9/16 #18

Elmer’s in a suit, looking at Olimpia’s ring. He hears Inés call to him, “¡Hermano!” He places the ring in a box under some other keepsakes or maybe just random stuff. He stashes the box in the bottom of his armoire. Inés calls again, complaining they’re going to be late. Elmer pulls himself together. Read More

¿Quién es Quién? Friday 5/6/16 #60

Yet another awkward dinner party at Casa Fuentemayor

Humberto asks Nora to leave so he can deal with Fabi on his own. Telling her it was a secret Sofia asked them to keep doesn’t help. She’s angry he doesn’t trust her. Hm…I’m sure some percentage of that is genuine, but the rest is just “How can I manipulate you if you don’t trust me?!” Read More

¿Quién es Quién? Thursday 5/5/16 #59

Signed, sealed, delivered

So, um, yeah…a pre-nup. And this “Leo” isn’t practical, like the old Leo, so to him a pre-nup means she doesn’t trust him. And he trusts her, con los ojos cerrados (with his eyes closed). She tries saying it’s for his protection, she’s doing it because she loves him, marriage is a contract too…finally “Ok, but we’ll have to explain it to Humberto” is the one that gets Pedro to sigh and sign. “If this is the way eccentric millionaires do things….” Read More