Ruta 35, Thursday 1/28/16 #13


Diane is unhappy about two things.
1. She only agreed to have a house guest for a week and now Dylan is saying it’s indefinite because Rebeca won’t have a steady income she can use to rent her own place.
2. Rebeca won’t have a steady income because “being an informant” is not a job that actually pays money on a regular basis (unless you’re Salomon, and even he complains about how long it takes to get paid) and it keeps her too busy to get a job with a regular paycheck. Read More

Ruta 35, Tuesday 1/26/16 #11

This is the start of 1-hour episodes, which looks like it's continuing into the foreseeable future.

Suddenly makes headway with Rick when her grandsons come to visit. Maybe it was their names–Ronald and Wilson–that got his attention. She and Rick start spending time together and even manage to win a dance contest, despite neither of them really knowing how to dance. He may be reconsidering wanting company on those long, lonely trips to Mexico. Read More

Ruta 35, Monday 1/25/16 #10


Conchita still can’t find a job, so Tomás sends her to a retirement community to spy on a guy who makes frequent, short trips to Mexico. Conchita totally has it going on when it comes to guys close to the age of her grandsons. Younger guys love Conchita. She’s like their surrogate grandma, and that dotty old lady routine? They just eat it up. Read More

La Vecina, Friday 1/29/16 #155

Manten la calma y sigue adelante

Profe Cariego counsels everyone to stay calm. Sure, there’s a possibility the part will fail, but it’s not a certainty. Simon has detached the second stage of the rocket. Juancho isn’t responding to Simon because everyone in the control room is freaking out…and he’s noticed that he can’t track Simon’s position anymore. He tells everyone to be quiet! If he’s going to tell Simon what’s going on, he’s got to do it calmly. (So mature!) Simon says it sounds like there’s some interference, but Edwina explains it’s just all of them in the control room, thinking of him. He’s thrilled to hear her voice–but how can she be down there, when he brought her heart with him? She goes running back to Fidel’s arms. Simon doesn’t hear her crying and asks if everyone is as happy as he is…”We did it!” Juancho tells him there’s a problem. Read More