La Vecina, Friday 1/29/16 #155

Manten la calma y sigue adelante

Profe Cariego counsels everyone to stay calm. Sure, there’s a possibility the part will fail, but it’s not a certainty. Simon has detached the second stage of the rocket. Juancho isn’t responding to Simon because everyone in the control room is freaking out…and he’s noticed that he can’t track Simon’s position anymore. He tells everyone to be quiet! If he’s going to tell Simon what’s going on, he’s got to do it calmly. (So mature!) Simon says it sounds like there’s some interference, but Edwina explains it’s just all of them in the control room, thinking of him. He’s thrilled to hear her voice–but how can she be down there, when he brought her heart with him? She goes running back to Fidel’s arms. Simon doesn’t hear her crying and asks if everyone is as happy as he is…”We did it!” Juancho tells him there’s a problem. Read More

Ruta 35, Thursday 1/21/16 #8

The end of Conchita’s NY vacation

Conchita talks Co-Pilot, whose name turns out to be Felix, into sticking around to help with his deliveries in NY–on Tomás’ orders. At one of their stops, Tomás comes in and makes a bust, but he has no luck turning Felix, so Conchita plays the lovable grandma card. He agrees to help them get Hugo and he and Conchita head back to Miami. Read More

Ruta 35, Wednesday 1/20/16 #7


Conchita and her co-pilot (who did end up taking a turn behind the wheel) got caught speeding and only narrowly escaped due to her previous quick thinking. Since she knew she might not be able to talk to (that ass) Tomás she left a detailed message with the Padre to give to him when he finally showed up at the office. The DEA got the two highway patrolmen to let her go so they could follow the van to the warehouse. Once the drop-off was made, they headed for a hotel to get some rest before driving back to Miami. Read More

Ruta 35, Tuesday 1/19/16 #6

Six episodes in and we're still not sure how this ended up getting billed as Dylan being at the center of everything and this being "his" network of informants. He's at least managing the people he works with better than Tomás does, the unfortunate deaths of Domingo's family notwithstanding.
Tomás and Conchita

Conchita gets ballsy and goes back to Don Hugo to talk to him about either getting a job or wiping Manuel’s debt. Hugo gives her an electronic tether and sends her on her way. He spends most of the episode telling her “Be at the warehouse in half an hour,” and it’s never a convenient time. When he loads up the van for her first big shipment, she forgets to call Tomás. Then, when she does, he’s too busy to talk to her because he’s going into a meeting. When she shows up at the office he loses his temper and insists she’s supposed to call him immediately when Hugo contacts her (for all the good that would have done). Read More

Ruta 35, Monday 1/18/16 #5

Things are getting complicated. The various plot lines are starting to cross. And pretty much everybody had a bad day this episode, so it was a bit of a downer.
In Mexico

Domingo gets tipped off as to where he can find one of Rogelio’s guys – Chivo. Chivo takes a while, but he eventually tells Domingo who killed his mom and his son. And that would be Chivo and Tequilazo. They get delivered to Rogelio in coffins. Which is probably not as considerate as it sounds. Read More