La Vecina, viernes 12 de junio, capítulos 52 Y 53

Antonio overhears Rafa talking to Marinita. Rafa thinks he’s in love with Antonio. Marinita is surprised. In love? Well, maybe not in love. It’s just that Rafa really respects Sr. Andrade and thinks he’s a really good leader. Antonio interrupts to remind Rafa that he was supposed to take the day off and rest. Rafa is worried about the bombeo. Antonio assures him that it will be ok. Now go home and rest. Read More

La Vecina, viernes 5 de junio, capítulos 42 y 43

Pedro gets introduced to Isabel. Isabel thinks Pedro is a nice guy. Ricardo shows up despite Isabel’s warning. Pedro observes from his table and grins. Pedro explains to his companion who those people are. The one dude is the San Gaspar head of Conatrol. The lady is his girlfriend and that other guy…he’s her lover. Pedro wants Ricardo on their team. He thinks he could be useful. Read More