Como agua para chocolate – Capítulo XI – Noviembre – Frijoles gordos con chile a la Tezcuana

In this chapter, Pedro is nearly recovered from his burns; Rosaura confronts Tita and removes Esperanza from her care; John and his aunt come to dinner; Tita confesses to John that she had sex with Pedro and is considering calling off the wedding. Read More

Como agua para chocolate – Capítulo X – Octubre – Torrejas de natas

In this chapter, Tita tells Gertrudis and Pedro about her pregnancy; we hear the story of Sergeant Treviño; Mamá Elena takes revenge on Tita and Pedro; and Gertrudis and her troops leave the ranch just as John is returning. Read More

Como agua para chocolate – Capítulo VII – Julio – Caldo de colita de res

In this chapter, Chencha visits Tita at Dr. Brown’s house; an attack on the ranch leaves both Chencha and Mamá Elena injured; Tita returns to the house to care for Mamá Elena; Mamá Elena dies; Pedro and Rosaura come back to the ranch. Read More

Como agua para chocolate – Capítulo V – Mayo – Chorizo norteño

In this chapter Tita suffers over the absence of Roberto; the revolucionarios raid the ranch; Tita recalls a passionate moment with Pedro before Mamá sent Pedro, Rosaura, and Robert to San Antonio; Chencha delivers the news of Roberto’s death; Tita rebels, has a breakdown, and leaves the house with Doctor Brown. Read More

Como agua para chocolate – Capítulo IV – Abril – Mole de guajolote con almendra y ajonjolí

In this chapter, Rosaura gives birth with only Tita to help her; Tita takes over feeding her nephew; Doctor Brown starts falling for Tita; Roberto is baptized; and Mamá Elena starts making plans to put more distance between Pedro and Tita. Read More