Launch Pad (December 29, 2018)

It’s time for our weekly blog update.

Last week

We posted recaps and summaries for

Rey David,
La Sultana,
Entre Dos Amores,
Velvet Season 2,
Diablero, and
La Mujer del Vendaval

Sara took us on a walk down “I can’t believe I did that!” lane in Lessons from Caray: How NOT to comment.

On the Forums

Everyone’s welcome to join us on the forums, with or without a login.

Want to chat about your favorite shows? Check out Watch Parties on the forums. We’re discussing La Sultana, Entre Dos Amores plus other currently-airing shows.

We’re also discussing upcoming shows on the Proximas forum.

What’s coming up

Special New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day programming is bumping shows all over the place on Monday and Tuesday. Check your local listings for details.

Friday, Like (Univision), Rey David (UniMás), and Rosario Tijeras Season 1 (UniMás) are all ending.

We’re declaring Monday January 7 our first annual Dia del Divo in honor of Juan Gabriel. If you have ideas for how to celebrate, come share them with the Celebration Committee of Ideas and Stuff.

Check the Horario for the regular schedule of telenovelas and series, the Calendar for events (including pre-emptions and schedule changes), and the Proximas list for upcoming shows.

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