Sueño de Amor Thursday 3/10/16 #3

A sighting?

Esperanza freezes, but Pedro springs into action and tries to chase Ricardo down…if it even was Ricardo. There’s thunder and lightning and she remembers Ricardo leaving again and swearing that they’d get married when he came back to Mexico. They swear eternal love and then Ricardo walks away and Esperanza comes back to the present. She clutches her Virgen de la Paz pendant like she did back then. Read More

Sueño de Amor Wednesday 3/9/16 #2

Papi Patán

“Wait, so…you’re my brother?” Rather than clear that up when I KNOW he saw them about to kiss, Ernesto just babbles about how pretty she is and invites them both to lunch. Luca begs off, leaving Pato to have to deal with Ernesto alone. He acts surprised that she and Luca have already met and brushes off the little “incident” that happened yesterday, saying Luca has no concept of danger and he’s so willful. Read More

Canciones para el día de San Valentín

Consider this our Valentine to you, a serenata of some of our favorite canciones en Español. We’ve got a mix of styles, eras, and moods. Whether you’re greeting a new love, celebrating a lifetime of love, or loving yourself enough to realize that “mejor sola que mal acompañada” we hope you find one to enjoy. Read More