El Gran Final de Ruta 35, Friday 2/26/16 #32

Salomon and Mercurio call Marina to tell her they have a surprise for her to pick up in Mexico. Like she cares at this point. But she goes to find them. They’re so proud of themselves I’m surprised she doesn’t deck one of them. They show her Tony, all trussed up in the trunk, and say she can drive him across the border and arrest him in the US. Read More

Ruta 35, Friday 2/19/16 #27

Tomás shows up at the hospital, presumably to pick up Federico. He runs into Dylan and they make small talk before discussing Federico. Tomás seems surprised that the son of a narco would be trying to work as a drug mule. He’d like to talk to him, but Dylan says he’s still sleeping. Annnnnnd Domingo is in there with Sofia. Dylan has to talk him down and explains that he’s helping them work a case. Tomás is still bitter about that whole kidnapping thing, go figure. Dylan is more than happy to have Tomás settle his differences with his fist in Domingo’s face…but later. He begs him to go easy on Sofia and then heads into the hospital room to introduce Tomás. Read More

Ruta 35, Thursday 2/18/16 #26

Federico gets a text from Rogelio and removes the bug from his phone. He sneaks out and Rogelio picks him up on a random corner. Rogelio shows off his gunshot wound from Domingo and brags about how he’s going to kill Domingo. Federico tells Rogelio that Domingo and Sofia are together and have been for some time. Stupid kid! Rogelio KICKS HIM OUT OF THE CAR. Then he tells Juancho to circle the block. He’ll make Federico tell him where Sofia is. Read More