La Vecina, jueves 16 de julio, capítulo 98

Javi and Bruno are finishing up the setup for the party, including a sound system. Merce and Cheo show up and Vicente’s glad Merce brought tamales. She’s annoyed that poor Sara has to have been suffering all day. Bruno says she should be showing up soon. And so should Simón with a couple of dates. As Juancho says: “La que le mueve el tapete y la que aprueba el cohete.” Read More

La Vecina, martes 14 de julio, capítulo 94

Pepe convinces Nelson not to answer his phone, but when they get to Mariana’s desk she’s taking a call dizque from Nelson’s house. It’s Anselmo, calling to demand a meeting. Nelson thanks Marina for taking the call and he and Pepe scoot off around the corner. This is what Nelson was trying to tell him–he can’t get away from these people! He’ll take the meeting, but Pepe makes him promise it’s the last one. Read More