La hija del embajador, viernes 2 de abril, Capítulo 24

So, yeah, Akin and Müge pretend they haven’t been in contact and that Nare is the one who mentioned to Akin the hospital where Müge works. Also he’s had a complete falling out with Güven. So anyway, while Müge makes coffee he’s just gonna run upstairs and surprise Nare. (Is it just me or does this guy look like he has fangs?) Read More

La hija del embajador, jueves 1 de abril, Capítulo 23

The doctor checks out Halice and tells her to rest, so the very first thing she does is march upstairs to blame Nare for everything. Kavruk is finally out of patience with this whole situation and spills all the tea about the inheritance. Halice remembers a conversation she had with Refika where she specifically says that no one in her family had ever done anything to hurt anyone in Halice’s family. Halice tells everyone to pack up. She and Refika are through! Read More