Betty en NY Tuesday 4/16/19 #50

Previously on Betty en NY: Daniel tried to trick V&M into moving their production to India, at a factory Daniel now owns, so he could kill the company deader than it already is and rip it to pieces to sell for scrap. Armando and Ricky agreed with Betty–too risky, not enough information, don’t take the deal. Marcela got pissed off about Betty having opinions in HER company! Read More

Betty en NY Monday 4/15/19 #49

Previously on Betty en NY: Betty broke up with Armando. Armando took Betty out for a fun arcade “friend” date and Betty didn’t want to be broken up anymore. Ricardo planted some cute gifts in Betty’s office. Daniel Valencia was a jerk about Betty’s makeover. Pati heard Betty calling Nicolas and rushed out to see him, but instead she saw a guy Betty had bumped into getting into a limo. Ricky hangs out with a drunk Marce and takes a picture of her in her underwear. Armando fights with the Jackson Heights Mean Kids. Read More

Entre Dos Amores Friday 4/12/19 #98

Kader and family watch their novela. Apparently a daughter in law is ruining a family? Kader makes running commentary which annoys Emre. “It’s just a show!” Kader reminds him that the “show” also reflects real life. Emre decides he’s tired and goes to bed. Ismail just wants to watch his show in peace. Kader leaves too. Ismail prays for patience. Read More