El Gran Final de La Vecina, Thursday 3/3/16 #177

The battle for La Jaibolera continues

It’s time for the second half to start. Antonio and Sebas place a side bet of their own on the outcome of the game, but it’s just for dinner. Mr. 5ft complains some more about the lack of fútbol authenticity. Pepe blocks a shot by Antonio. The game goes into overtime. Read More

La Vecina, Friday 2/26/16 #173

The aftermath of the explosion

Elias falls to his knees and Fidel jumps up and grabs his rifle. Quintin is pointing his gun at Elias, who has been shot in the arm, but not by Quintin! A shaking Sebas walks down the hill, still pointing the gun he probably picked up by the SUV. Natalia’s going to be so pissed at him! He appears to be in shock as he comes close enough to let Quintin take the gun (and shove it down the front of his pants…come on guys, seriously…stop doing that!). Elias moans that he’s going to bleed out, but Fidel tells Quintin to apply a tourniquet. Read More

La Vecina, Wednesday 2/24/16 #171

Antonio meets Sebastian somewhere, and despite all the other important stuff going on, what he’s most worried about is that Sara won’t talk to him. Sebas asks where Isa got the info she passed on to Uribe, but Antonio doesn’t care–the damage is done. Sebas still thinks it might be important. Antonio gets a text from the auditor, Germán Sosa, with his phone number. Read More