El Hipnotizador 5/20/16 #8

We start tonight’s episode with Arenas suffering from Daria’s bite. He lies on a bed, and starts to remember. Arenas was always scared of the serpents. In his fever dreams Livia is going to show him the way back. She tells us that she preferred the company of her snakes to the company of Darek and the others that hung out with daddy dearest. In Arenas’ vision Livia goes on to inform us that she never knew love until he came along. Read More

El Hipnotizador 5/13/16 #7

Arenas is at the Corellis’ old house. He enters. Looking around, he finds Livia’s serpentarium when a film starts playing in another room attracting his attention. In the recording, Corelli is demonstrating his hypnotism techniques to enhance a soldier’s ability to perform during war. First he has a hypnotized man shoot a man sitting before him, then he has him shoot a soldier that was in his company. Corelli goes on that his technique can be used on anyone and that it will make the most reluctant of soldiers do whatever they are told. While Corelli is giving his speech, in the background, the hypnotized man proceeds to shoot another military officer who was observing the whole demonstration and then himself. The film ends. Read More

About El Hipnotizador

El Hipnotizador is a show based on an Argentinian cult comic book that covers the story of Arenas, a hypnotist who suffers from insomnia. Arenas’ past is mysterious–as is his rivalry with Darek, a local psychiatrist. The story takes place in an unnamed city sometime between World War I and World War II where the residents switch between the Portuguese and Spanish languages on a whim. The show was filmed in Montevideo, Uruguay by a international cast from Argentina, Brazil, Europe, Mexico, and Uruguay. Read More