¿Quién es Quién? Friday 4/9/16 #41

Ignacio’s car

Ignacio quits playing tough guy and tells Chamoy what he knows about Leonardo. He’s Ignacio’s boss, they live together, his mom is Leonardo’s dad’s girlfriend. He starts babbling about all the money he can offer Chamoy. Fuentemayor money, of course. And Chamoy’s cool with that, but…he doesn’t want Leonardo killed. It’s none of Ignacio’s business why, he’d just better not touch him. Read More

¿Quién es Quién? Thursday 4/7/16 #40

The big talk

Humberto seems to chicken out of telling “Leonardo” the truth and instead tells him that he knows he’s screwed up a lot since his mom died and he’s sorry. He wants him to know he’s proud of him. More than proud, actually. He loves him. And he hopes that “Leo” won’t judge him too harshly for making mistakes and will remember that he and Sofia were/are the most important people in his life. Pedro calls Humberto back before he walks out of the office to give him a big hug. Read More

¿Quién es Quién? Tuesday 4/5/16 #38

Falling into place

Chamoy presses the crooked baby broker about the whereabouts of his spawn and dares him to go right ahead and call the cops. He tries to refresh his memory, mentioning a comadrona (midwife) who brought him out to where they were staying. Baby broker still denies knowing anything, but you know, if Chamoy DID give him a kid in exchange for some cash, he also would have signed a contract relinquishing his rights. Read More