Falco 9/22/18 #12

This week’s case

A man sits tied up in a chair with duct tape over his mouth and blood and sweat running down his face. Someone with a gloved hand runs it over racks and shelves of tools and finally picks a short knife. They cut the man’s throat and blood falls on three photos of a family. Read More

Falco 9/2/18 #7

Case of the week

Falco’s driving along in the dark. Whether this is a dark desert highway or a long and winding road remains to be seen. He keeps thinking about his shooting and he’s getting a headache, but instead of pulling over he just drives faster. He remembers the dark outline of someone pointing a gun at him and suddenly Juan Pablo’s there, standing in the middle of the road, pointing a gun at him. Read More

Falco 8/26/18 #6

This week’s case

A woman with a head wound walks quickly down a residential street. She comes to a house with a placard for “Dr. Jorge Góngora” and hits the nearby buzzer. She begs him for help and he lets her in, telling her to shut the door behind her. She agrees to him calling the police, then pulls a gun out of her purse and shoots him. Read More