La Fan Friday 3/31/17 #53

On the run

Outside the church, Vale starts fighting off her attackers. Lucas joins in, to the delight of two passing nuns. I’m just relieved Vale’s not going to get stuffed in the trunk of the car with the spare tire and ruin her dress. There’s a painting propped up by the trunk–I guess those guys were out stealing a little church art and just said “Oh, look! A bride!”? Read More

La Fan Monday 3/27/17 #50

He’s baaaaack

In all the excitement, Vale fainted. Gabe and Lucas get her back to Lucas’ dressing room. While Lucas tries to revive her, Gabe keeps trying to figure out what happened. How did Lucas survive? Did he have a feeling something bad was going to happen to the plane? “I wish. I could have saved a lot of people.” But it wasn’t anything like that–he came back for Vale. Read More