La Fan Monday 1/23/17 #5

Valucas? Lucatina?

Lucas seems a little off-balance after that kiss. He apologizes and then grabs Vale’s hand and says they need to get out of there. Vale gets recognized by some…well, fans of la fan…and Lucas drags her into a boutique. They rush past the sales staff and into the employee area as Lucas tells them they didn’t see a thing. Read More

La Fan Wednesday 1/18/17 #2

It’s another jam-packed episode. So many words! So fast! I don’t want the pace to slow down, but yikes! And it’s not just the words…this recap could have been twice the length if I’d described every single one of Gabriel’s facial expressions. The way he listens! And reacts! Just…take a look at him sometime when he’s hanging over someone’s shoulder and he doesn’t have any lines–he is never out of character. Anyway… Read More