Telenovela Trivia from Amor Sin Maquillaje

Amor Sin Maquillaje was released by Televisa to celebrate the 50th anniversary of telenovelas. It tells the story of a makeup artist who wants to write telenovelas for Televisa, against the backdrop of the 50th anniversary celebration. It includes cameos from telenovela actors and clips from the classics. Here’s a list of novelas and trivia mentioned during the show:

  • Senda Prohibida (1957)
    • Written by Fernanda Villeli
    • The cast included Silvia Derbez, Dalia Iñiguez, Francisco Jambrina, Héctor Gómez,and Julio Alemán.
    • A woman falls in love with a married man.

    Gutierritos (1958)

    • Starred María Teresa Rivas and Rafael Banquells.
    • Banquells wasn’t the first choice for a lead, but Enrique Rambal couldn’t do the show and Tony Carbajal backed out the day before filming started.
    • A man gets humiliated by his ambitious wife.

    La Leona (1961)

    • Starred Amparo Ribelles, María Antonieta de las Nieves, and Prudencia Griffel.
    • A girl’s mother lives a double life to support her family.

    Agonía de amor (1963)

    • Starred Jacqueline Andere and José Galvez.
    • Jacqueline Andere had her first screen kiss on this show.

    San Martin de Porres (1964)

    • Starred René Muñoz

    La Mentira (1965)

    • Based on a story by Caridad Bravo Adams
    • Starred Enrique Lizalde and Julissa.

    Amor y Orgullo (1966)

    • Starred María Elena Marqués and Ignacio López Tarso
    • A couple marry, but don’t consummate the marriage.
    • This was the first telenovela López Tarso and Marqués did together.

    El Derecho de Nacer (1966)
    La tormenta (1967)
    Estafa de Amor (1968)

    • Starred Lorena Velázquez

    Los Caudillos (1968)

    • The cast included Carlos Bracho.

    Yesenia (1970)

    • Starred Fanny Cano and Magda Guzman

    La Constitución (1970)

    • Starred María Félix
    • This was the only telenovela María Félix appeared in

    Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse (1971)

    • Starred Angélica María
    • Angélica María also recorded the theme song A dónde va nuestro amor.

    Ana del Aire (1974)

    • Starred Angélica María and Fernando Allende
    • The main character was single woman supporting herself.
    • Angélica María married Raul Vale in Las Vegas during filming. It’s supposed to be the first non-telenovela wedding that was filmed and shown later.

    Ven Conmigo (1975)

    • This was the first telenovela didáctica (educational) aimed at reducing illiteracy.
    • Starred Alma Muriel.

    Mundos Opuestos (1976)

    • Starred and produced by Ernesto Alonso.
    • Ernesto Alonso was known as “Señor Telenovela.” He was involved in over 150 shows and is considered a pioneer in the history of television.

    Rina (1977)

    • Starred  Ofelia Medina and Enrique Álvarez Félix.
    • This was the first telenovela with a “non-beautiful” protagonista–Rina had a hunchback

    Viviana (1978)

    • Starred Lucía Méndez and Héctor Bonilla.

    Colorina (1980)

    • Starred Lucía Mendez.
    • The protagonista was a sex worker.
    • Produced by Valentín Pimstein, based on an original story by Arturo Moya Grau.

    El Hogar Que Yo Robé (1981)

    • Starred Angélica María as both protagonist and antagonist.
    • A rich woman, bored with her life, sees a woman who looks exactly like her and proposes they swap places.
    • La Usurpadora and La Intrusa are both based on the same story.

    El Derecho de Nacer (1981)

    • Starred Verónica Castro.

    Gabriel y Gabriela (1982)

    • A young rebellious woman wants to be a ship captain.
    • Starred Ana Martin, Jorge Rivero and Juan Ferrara.
    • No one knew how it ended. At the boda, Gabriela took someone’s hand and the audience never knew who she married.

    Bodas de Odio (1983)
    Vivir un poco (1985)

    • Starred Angélica Aragón and Rogelio Guerra.
    • The cast also included Patricia Pereyra, Arturo Peniche, and Alberto Mayagoitia.
    • Remade in 1996 as Para Toda La Vida, starring Ofelia Medina.
    • Remade in 2005 as La Madrasta, staring Victoria Ruffo.

    El Pecado de Oyuki (1988)

    • Starred Ana Martin.
    • Ana Martin decided this would be her last “young woman” role (she was 38).

    Cuna de lobos (1986)

    • Starred María Rubio as Catalina Creel.

    Quinceañera (1987)

    • Starred Adela Noriega and Fernando Cianguerotti.

    Amor En Silencio (1988)
    Balada por un amor (1989)

    • Starred Daniela Romo as a cellist.
    • Daniela Romo sang the theme song, Balada por un amor, and a secondary theme Quiero Amanecer Contigo.

    Simplemente Maria (1989)

    • Starred Victoria Ruffo.
    • A story of personal development.

    Alcanzar Una Estrella (1990)
    Cadenas de Amargura (1991)
    El Privilegio De Amar (1998)

    • Cynthia Klitbo’s character shaved her head near the end of the show and the guys on the production crew supported her by shaving their heads in solidarity.

    Amor real (2003)

    • Produced by Carla Estrada.

    Alborada (2005)

    • Produced by Carla Estrada.

    Lola, Érase Una Vez (2007)

    • Starred Eiza Gonzaléz as Lola.

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Tormenta de Bingo

If you’re a Telenovela fan, you probably already know about Telenovela Bingo.

The other day, Kat sent me this Tormenta bingo card and I got a kick out of it. Her only concern was that maybe there were other common scenes she missed.

And of course, we need enough items to have more than one bingo card.

So here’s my question: What are some other things we could add?

Here’s my list:

  • Raki!
  • Mete starts a fight.
  • Mete mopes in the music room.
  • Soner sends Suleyman on an errand.
  • A fight breaks out at a demonstration.
  • Instanbul at dusk

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