El Príncipe Pre-Show Party

Not to be confused with “el Príncipe de la Canción,” El Príncipe follows an undercover intelligence agent investigating police corruption in the El Príncipe neighborhood of Ceuta. It returns as a weekly show, Thursdays on UniMás starting April 12. If you missed it the first time around, here’s your chance! The main landing page is here. Read More

El Príncipe Monday 10/10/16 #46


Fatima gets to the Center, where Pilar is up to her ears in paperwork. This Granada trip is a pain, but Fati and Pilar agree they would’ve done it anyway, even if they’d known in advance. Fran excuses himself to deal with a problem with Raquel and says he’ll send a sub…but what are these photocopies for? Pilar explains they’re three last-minute adds to the list Khaled’s Foundation sent. They originally picked seven kids to go, now there are ten. Fran doesn’t explain his concern, but asks to take the copies with him. Read More

El Príncipe Friday 10/7/16 #45

Funny how this is the op that goes as planned

Khaled tells Marwan he got busted. The explosives have been confiscated. He has a backup plan, though…taking the rifle from the guard closest to him and making Marwan get out of the SUV. Javi gloats and Eduardo tells him to shut up. Ed gives the snipers the order to take out the guards. Read More

El Príncipe Thursday 10/6/16 #44


Javi comes into Carmen’s office to meet with her and the other two big bosses. It doesn’t go well. Javi sounds like he’s just lashing out, accusing Robledo of killing Lopez and Serra and taking bribes. He hands over the USB drive, explaining if they find the company who paid off Serra, they can find out who else they were paying off. Robledo comes in, acting calm and collected and expressing his sympathy for Javi. He actually gets tasked with investigating the info in the drive. Read More