Entre Dos Amores Wednesday 5/8/19 #112

Inci wants Neriman to take Macit away for a few days. While they are gone, Inci will put an end to all of the craziness with Nadir. Neriman just wonders how she’ll get permission.

Nadir tells Macit that he approves of him going back to Arcaoglu Tekstil.

Neriman asks permission to go away with Macit. Faiz will agree on one condition…to be continued.

Cihan thanks Aras for coming to his aid during that fight…but Aras still needs to stay away from Fahriye. Sinasi comes up and says they need to settle some things. He asks Aras to come along. The three of them go to Emre at the Internet café. Sinasi slaps Emre around. Aras and Cihan toss keyboards and monitors to the ground.

I guess one of Faiz’s conditions was that Fahriye go with Neriman. Fahriye worries about what she’ll say to Cihan…but says having approval from Faiz will go a long way.

A bruised and battered Emre gets home. Kader is incensed and heads out the door…despite Emre telling her to stay put.

Kader goes over to Zehra’s and throws a rock in her window. When Zehra comes out, Kader tells her that they will see each other in court. Kader is going to take that baby from them.

Neriman tells Inci she got permission from Faiz. After they hang up, Inci calls Nadir. She’s going to accept his offer. Afterwards, he agrees to leave Macit alone forever. She’ll be waiting for Nadir.

Macit goes to the Arcaoglu offices. He tells Pelin he’s back. She’s please that he’s back and can repay the debt (which was Kerim’s, Pelin…not Macit’s. You’re the one that put it on him.) Pelin is going to plan a meeting to catch him up with all the business he missed.

Selim wants to meet with Sahika again. He’ll make all the arrangements.

Neriman talks Macit into going away for the weekend.

Gulter must have been part of Faiz’s conditions too. Neriman, Macit, Fahriye and Gulter are all at some cabin together. Macit tries to bust a move (the classic yawn, stretch, place your arm around the girl maneuver)…Gulter is having none of it. Fahriye suggests a walk. Gulter will join them.

Unfortunately, the walk is too much for Gulter. She goes back to the cabin. The kids go bike riding on the bikes Macit rented. Aras shows up for a surprise. Macit invited him.

Pelin goes to see Inci. Inci already knows Macit and Neriman are on a trip. Inci tells Pelin to get used to Macit being with Neriman.

Macit, Neriman, Fahriye and Aras go out on a lake. Aras suggests that Neriman and Macit could get married since they are “at sea” and Aras is a captain (by virtue of his dad owning a boat.) Neriman and Macit make their “vows”. Fahriye declares them husband and wife.

Macit thanks Neriman from bringing him. They plan to meet up with Aras after dinner and after Gulter is asleep.

Fahriye is with Aras. She’s wondering about wolves. Aras scares her by shaking a tree branch behind her.

Fahriye is making a plate for Aras. Gulter catches her. Fahriye makes up a story about a stray dog. When she goes out to give Aras his plate, he jumps out to scare her. She yelps and the food goes flying. Inside, Macit has to stop Gulter from checking things out herself. He offers to go.

Aras thinks Fahriye is pretty when she’s angry. She’s annoyed that the food she brought for him is now on the ground. He’s touched that she thought of him. Macit comes out and sends Fahriye back in. He tells Aras they’ll come back out when Gulter is asleep.

Nadir arrives at Inci’s house. He brought 2 chefs from his favorite restaurant.

Sahika is at her hook up with Selim. She asks about Macit returning to the company. Then she asks if Feyza is going to surprise them again. Selim notes her worry. She claims to be fine but she excuses herself and leaves the hotel. Her father is waiting across the street, but before he can get to her a car pulls up and tells her to hop in.

Inci isn’t hungry. Nadir asks her if she doesn’t find him attractive anymore. Inci says she just needs some more time. Nadir threatens her. She either complies or Macit will find out everything. He’ll wait for Inci upstairs.

When Inci gets upstairs, Nadir is on the bed surrounded by what looks like old financial files. He tells Inci it’s all the proof that Kerim was deceiving both of them. Nadir is sure Inci still loves him. If she’d just look at the papers she’d realize who’s really guilty.

Turns out the guy who rescued Sahika is Bora’s hench. They know all about Sahika’s dad being in jail and her owing her dad money. If she’ll pass some information to Pelin, they will help Sahika be free of her father’s debts and threats.

Neriman and Fahriye wait for Gulter to finally fall asleep and sneak out to meet Macit and Aras.

Macit tells Aras to get used to dating a girl from the neighborhood. They are overprotective in the ‘hood. The girls finally arrive. Aras asks Fahriye if she’s still annoyed about scaring her and making her drop the food. She eventually forgives him. So he scares her again and she ends up spilling hot coffee on him. Macit tells Aras to go sneak into the house and borrow some pants from his room.

Of course Gulter catches Aras.

She gives all four of them a dressing down and is determined that they all go back home. Neriman says that would kill Faiz. Macit takes the blame. He wants to go back too…so he can finally ask for Neriman’s hand and they can get married ASAP.

Sahika tells Pelin that Neriman is keeping a huge secret from Macit. Kerim is not his real dad. Sahika gets back to her desk and calls to report she gave Pelin the message. She’s told to look in the cabinet near her desk. There’s an envelope filled with money there.

Neriman calls Faiz. He supports her in what they are going to do.

Macit calls Inci. He wants her to come with him to ask for Neriman’s hand. Inci is happy to do it.

Zehra complains about Gulter not telling her about Macit coming to ask for Neriman’s hand. Sinasi gets mad and leaves the table.

Pelin confronts Macit when he and Inci are about to go into Neriman’s house to ask for her hand. Pelin has something important to tell Macit. He doesn’t want to hear her lies. Pelin tells him Neriman is the one who is lying. Macit is done. He tells Pelin he doesn’t love her. She’s nothing to him. He and Inci go inside. Pelin stays outside and fumes. She will do whatever she can to make Macit believe her.

I liked watching Inci and Macit asking for Neriman’s hand. It was especially nice to see Faiz approving. It was sweet of Inci to give Neriman the ring that Macit had given her way back in the early episodes (when it was still on at 6 before it moved to the afternoon to be perpetually preempted and eventually slashed to bits but I’m not bitter.) Fahriye was cute double checking to make sure the scissors were going to cut the ribbon.

Afterwards, Neriman and Macit are relieved that they are finally engaged with the familial blessing. Nothing will keep them apart now.

Gulter praises Faiz for accepting the relationship. Faiz reminisces about the first time Macit came and was rejected.

Macit calls to wake Neriman up. They gush some more. Neriman tells Macit she wants to wear her mother’s wedding dress.

Fahriye makes a couple of sammiches. She puts a little piece of the ribbon in one. Cihan is hungry though and he takes both the sammiches. I suspect the one with the ribbon was meant for Aras.

Faiz gives Neriman a little money he’s been saving.

Pelin congratulates Macit on the engagement. He thanks her and says she may go now. She plops herself down in a chair instead. She’s not leaving until she talks to him. Read More

Entre Dos Amores Friday 5/3/19 #109

Bora and Duygu have coffee. He doesn’t know what’s come over him. He has it bad for Duygu and he doesn’t like it when she’s not around. Has she ever thought about working at the company. Her major was Communications, right? How about the publicity department?

Nadir confirms the dinner plans with Macit.

Fahriye is still miffed that Neriman is not going with her to the Aras concert. Neriman wants to know how Fahriye is even going to get permission to leave the house.

Fahriye goes to see Cihan and has a story about her friend Selma getting married. Fahriye gets the necessary permission…but she has to be home early.

Neriman and Macit discuss their dinner plans. They really can’t refuse…it’s Macit’s boss. Neriman worries about getting permission. Macit says to ask Gulter. I say what the hell is going on? Faiz threw her out. What does she owe them? Go with my blessing, Neriman. Neriman says she’ll be home early. Fahriye tells Neriman about Selma’s “wedding” plan so Neriman CANNOT get home before Fahriye.

Cihan and Cemal show Asli the newly fixed storefront. She’s not sure about going back to it. She swears she’ll pay them back the money they invested in it. Cemal doesn’t want to hear it. Asli doesn’t know how to thank them.

Sahika’s dad is waiting for her. Where’s the money? He has no problems killing her if he has to. She gave the money to Ekrem. Dad thinks that she’s stupid for doing that. What was she supposed to do though since Ekrem was threatening her. Dad just wants his money. If he doesn’t get his money, he’ll go to the police and tell them that Sahika was also tangled up in this (whatever it is.) He takes the bracelet as a kind of advance. Dad asks if the bracelet came from the guy she had lunch with. Dad has been following her.

Macit, Neriman and Nadir have dinner. When Macit excuses himself to go to the little boy’s powder room, Neriman asks Nadir what he’s up to. She is concerned about Macit’s well-being and wants Nadir to leave Macit alone. Nadir asks how he can stay away Macit is his… Aaaand Macit comes back so Neriman shushes him. Neriman wraps up the dinner. She’s ready to go.

Fahriye meets Aras. One of the neighborhood metiches sees them.

Sahika comes home late from work. Apparently this is Faiz’s business. He tells her to get her schedule straight. She can’t be coming home late all the time. Sahika says at least she’s working and not strolling with her boyfriend. Gulter follows her upstairs. Sahika apologizes and says she’s depressed. She owes some money. Gulter offers her savings.

Aras and Fahriye go to the club. The ladies love him. Neriman and Macit make it to the club too.

Asim is still trying to consummate the marriage. Nezahat is “asleep”. Menekshe comes in. She can’t sleep. Nezahat is fine with the girl sleeping with them and when Menekshe complains about suffocating, Nezahat generously volunteers to sleep on the couch.

Neriman is busy watching Aras sing. Macit asks Fahriye to get Neriman’s ID without her knowing. Yup. He’s going to make wedding arrangements.

Fahriye manages to get Neriman’s ID.

Gulter gives Sahika 350 lira.

Fahriye gives Macit the ID…then proceeds to tell Sahika all about his plans to marry Neriman.

Neriman meets with Inci. Nadir is Macit’s new boss. Yes, THAT Nadir. Neriman is worried Nadir will tell Macit the truth. Inci asks her not to say anything. Inci will figure out what to do.

Macit goes to the courthouse and makes the arrangements for the wedding date. He calls Neriman to let her know he has a surprise for her.

Inci is going to talk to Nadir. Neriman thinks Inci needs to be talking to Macit, not Nadir. Kerim is hiding behind a tree.

Sahika tells Pelin that Macit and Neriman are getting married. Pelin doesn’t seem to concerned since they’ve been saying it forever. Sahika reminds her that things are different now. Macit has a house and a new job.

Inci goes to see Nadir. She wants him away from Macit and out of her life.

Selim notices Sahika is distracted. He’s worried. Sahika knows she can tell him anything, right? Duygu sees them.

Macit tells Neriman they have a wedding date. She’s happy.

Inci still tries to convince Nadir to leave them alone. Nadir wants to know if Macit isn’t his, why is Inci so scared? Inci just tells him to leave her son alone.

Kerim questions Inci. She says she was just coming to see Macit. He works her now. Kerim confirms the story with the secretary.

Cihan and Asli get the store ready. He buys her first item. A quick google search tells me that the first customer of a store will throw money on the ground as a sign of good luck. Cihan wants to know what she’s naming the baby. She’s decided on Umut, which means hope. The baby kicks. Asli and Cihan share a moment feeling the baby kick. Nezahat sees this. So, if Nezahat is nothing but a sister to Cihan, why the hell can’t Asli just be a sister, too? I really don’t like where this is heading.

Macit asks Nadir for another day off. Nadir is cool with it, but wants to know why.

Selim is still worried about Sahika. Duygu interrupts. Sahika makes an excuse and scurries out. Duygu comments on how busy Selim and Sahika are these days. Selim is “yup. Work.” So Duygu comments that she won’t believe her mother’s theories about Selim and Sahika. Anyhoo…Duygu is here because she wants to work for the company.

Duygu tells Bora that she’s the new manager of publicity. I hope they didn’t fire the old one.

Macit tells Nadir about his gran amor with Neriman. Nadir was in love once too. But he didn’t fight for that love and regret is the worst punishment. Nadir is glad Macit is fighting for his love. Macit wonders what ruined Nadir’s love. It’s a long story Nadir promises to tell one day.

The metiche tells Kader about Fahriye.

Fahriye wants to know if all those girls were Aras’s girlfriends. He says they are friends and if Fahriye wants, he’ll tell her all their names so she can investigate them.

Faiz comes to see Sinasi and apologizes to him. So now I’m pissed because he’ll apologize to Sinasi but not Neriman. A-hole. Faiz asks about Neriman. Sinasi says she’s not there. Would Faiz see her if she was? Faiz spouts some crap that I guess sort of translates as he’ll see her when the right moment comes along. Whatever. Read More

Entre Dos Amores Friday 4/26/19 #105

We got a repeat of the last 2 minutes of yesterday’s episode. I always appreciate those…a memory jog and less to recap.

Macit is still worried about Neriman’s conversation with Inci. Neriman still insists it’s just her situation with Faiz. Macit is skeptical but chooses to believe her. He does wonder how Faiz found out he was living in the neighborhood though. Neriman has no idea, but finding out just made Faiz angrier. Macit reminds Neriman that Faiz is just as stubborn as they are. Macit says he needs to leave the neighborhood. He can’t keep living with Aras.

Zehra nags Sinasi about his infatuation with Neriman. Macit is now living in the neighborhood. Give up already. Everyone is talking. And what is this about going to Eskisehir and Neriman was meeting Macit. Sinasi finally leaves in a huff and no Asli, no one wants salad.

Fahriye calls Neriman and tells her and Macit to come to Aras’s house. Macit is amazed. Fahriye is with Aras at this hour? If Neriman had had Fahriye’s bravery, they would be married already!

Fahriye gives Aras his gift. It’s a Deep Purple album he already has. He breaks the one he already had and says now the only one he has is Fahriye’s.

Neriman and Macit arrive and we are treated to several minutes of Wii playing, snack eating and music. Fun!

Sinasi goes to see Cihan who is working on Asli’s store. Sinasi is moping. Cihan starts moping when Sahika walks by.

Sahika gets home, but remembers to remove Selim’s bracelet first.

Selim gets home. Feyza has prepared a romantic candlelit dinner. Selim is pleasantly surprised.

Sinasi and Cihan continue to mope. Cihan monologues about love and life.

When he finally stops talking they decide to get back to work. Emre lurks around the corner.

Macit goes to see Neriman the next morning. Apparently this is scandalous. The girls try to tell him that you just can’t go visiting girls in the morning. Macit is a little bummed that Neriman didn’t even smile when he came to visit. She checks to make sure the coast is clear before she lets him leave.

Sinasi tries to get past Zehra the next morning. He’s skipping breakfast. Zehra knows he’s mad, but she’s just telling him this about Neriman this for his own good. Asli comes in and Zehra starts in about her working. Sinasi and Nezahat take Asli’s side, which annoys Zehra. She finally changes the subject to bus tickets. Sinasi hasn’t gotten them yet, but he will.

Asli is  thrilled with the store. Emre is still lurking.

Gulter stops Sahika before she goes to work. She’ll need to leave work early to get to the wedding. Sahika will try to get away.

Emre stops Asli in the street and demands to know what she’s up to. He’s gotten the divorce papers and now she’s opening a business? He’s her husband and the baby’s father and he demands she cut this out. She refuses and walks off.

Zehra mopes about her very sick tía. Gulter convinces her to go see the maestro (which I really have no idea how to translate) again. Zehra just wants the wedding to happen without incident.

Sahika thanks Selim for the flowers, but reminds him they should be careful. She’s a little scared. Selim is sure they are in the clear. No one suspects a thing. He wonders if she’s free tonight. She’s got the wedding, but she’ll see if she can figure something out. Duygu walks in and doesn’t look happy.

Zehra and Gulter evade Asli’s questions about where they are going. Asli and Nezahat head out to the stylist’s shop.

Neriman is still obsessing about the conversation she overheard between Nadir and Inci. Fahriye interrupts her. Neriman is a little short with her. Fahriye has noticed that Neriman has been cranky since her conversation with Inci.

Nadir thinks about Inci and her denying he was Macit’s father. He calls Macit. He needs to talk to him privately.

Pelin thinks about Macit kicking her to the curb. He has chosen a life with Neriman and it’s none of Pelin’s business.

Duygu comes in wanting to talk to her, but realizes that Pelin haz a sad. Pelin whines about “losing.” She takes a page from Faiz with her phrasing…. “The Great and Powerful Pelin Demirhan is losing.” Everyone keeps telling her to let go of Macit and run the company without him. Duygu asks if they are all wrong. Pelin says they aren’t, but….What was it Duygu wanted to talk to her about? Duygu says it’s nothing. She looks pretty worried though.

Macit comes to Nadir’s office.

Inci destroys the painting (did we ever get the full story on that painting?) She cries and screams wondering why Nadir came back to her life.

All the girls are at the stylist. Nezahat really doesn’t have an opinion about her hairstyle. She suggests just the same as last time. Fahriye and I both protest. Oh no! New wedding, new hairstyle! Nezahat really doesn’t care. Fahriye on the other hand has plenty of opinions about her own style. She’s leaning toward a Marilyn Monroe look. Very chic. Fahriye also insists Nezahat should let the stylist do the make up. The stylist decides on a Sophia Loren look.

Asli is excited about her new business. She just wished Emre would go the hell away. We all do, sweetie. Neriman is sure he’ll eventually get the message. I have my doubts. Neriman’s phone rings. It’s Macit. She leaves. Read More

Entre Dos Amores Thursday 4/25/19 #104

Aras wonders if Macit is ok. Yeah. He’s fine.

Fahriye wonders what Inci and Neriman talked about. Eh. Nothing really. Inci just misses her son.

Faiz is cranky. He’s skipping breakfast.

Neriman won’t hold Macit’s hand in the neighborhood. I doubt that’s going to stop the Metiches from their chisme.

Faiz is cranky with Cemal. He’ll skip tea right now. Then Cihan comes along and is all depressed. Poor Cemal can’t get any positive vibes today.

Macit wants to know what Neriman and his mom talked about. Is she hiding something? Neriman says nothing is wrong. The conversation with Inci just reminded her of the situation with her dad. And oh look, Faiz has happened upon them while taking his walk. He stands there and fumes. Macit heads to work. He calls Inci on his way.

Inci is at home thinking. She answers Macit’s call. He goes right into “why didn’t you tell me?” which is just vague enough to scare the crap out of Inci.

Faiz is pissed that Macit is living in the neighborhood. I’m pissed he thinks it’s his business where Macit lives. Neriman blames Faiz. Macit is living in the neighborhood for her sake (but she phrases it “for your daughter’s sake.) Faiz refuses to listen…

After more conversation, Inci realizes that Neriman hasn’t said anything and Macit knows nothing. Macit is just talking about Inci meeting with Neriman. Macit is not coming home AND he’s determined to get the details about Inci’s meeting with Neriman.

Faiz spouts aphorisms that make no sense. R to the P to the C.

Zehra is thrilled that Nezahat is getting married. The Metiches show up. When they see Gulter they ask about the muchacho apuesto (good-looking guy) they saw holding Neriman’s hand. What would Faiz say? (My guess: something stupid.)

Neriman calls Macit to tell him Faiz saw them and now things are worse. Nadir overhears Macit talking to Neriman. He can tell this is important to Macit. Nadir invites him to come to his office to chat.

Inci calls Neriman. They need to talk.

Bora wants to know why Macit is so important to Nadir. Let’s see…how did he phrase it? Oh yeah…. “Why is he so important to you DAD?” Nadir tells him not to worry about it. And did Bora send that thing to Kerim. Bora did.
Sahika gets flowers. Thanks for last night. I assume they are from Selim.

Selim asks Pelin for Kerim’s pagares (promissory notes.)

Kerim gets a picture. He is sitting in a cafe. Nadir is right behind him. The note read “We haven’t changed much.” Kerim starts gulping.

We come back to Selim and Pelin. They seem mid conversation and I sort of feel like I’ve missed something. Selim wants to know how Pelin could have “done that” without telling anyone and Pelin tells him she “got that loan like he wanted.” She did it when she finally gave up on Macit…which I don’t believe for a second. As they leave the office I make a note about how much I like her red dress. They run into Kerim on his way out. He looks like crap.

Macit finishes up telling Nadir the story of his gran amor with Neriman. Nadir sights. Ah youth! He praises Macit for taking control of his own life. Macit is determined to get Faiz’s approval.

Duygu calls Bora. He’s been thinking about their unfinished dinner.

The Metiches leave Zehra’s house. Gulter finally spills the beans that Faiz threw Neriman out of the house for what happened in Eskişehir.

Aras and Fahriye talk about rock and roll. He is a fan of Deep Purple. Sinasi interrupts to ask if he can talk to Aras…alone.

Faiz chats with Cemal. Cemal is worried about his friend. Faiz says he’s fine and changes the subject to all the activity happening at the nearby storefront. Faiz asks Cemal if he’s moving. Nope, but Cemal has some good news.

Zehra laments. What could happened with Sinasi and Eskiwhatever without her knowing? Gulter regrets telling Zehra anything. Cihan calls Asli. She’ll come meet him.

Sinasi asks if Macit is living with Aras. Aras is not stupid. He asks it this has to do with Neriman. Sinasi says he’s “just curious.” Riiiight. Fahriye comes in after Sinasi leaves. She asks Aras what they talked about. Aras asks if Sinasi and Neriman have a history. Fahriye is impressed how he was able to ferret out the truth after such a short time in the neighborhood.

Pelin asks Sahika for a Neriman report. Sahika tells her about Macit moving into the neighborhood.

Inci tells Neriman about Nadir. Nadir, Inci and Kerim were all friends. Nadir and Kerim were business partners. Nadir and Inci were very much in love and were planning to marry. Then, 2 weeks before the wedding, Nadir left. Kerim told her he went overseas after falsifying papers and defrauding the company. He left without saying goodbye. Inci was already pregnant. She was going to surprise Nadir on their wedding night. Instead, she married Kerim and he always believed it was his child. Macit thinks Kerim is his dad. Macit wouldn’t be able to stand the truth.

Kerim confronts his hired spy. Nadir is alive! He’s not dead. Spy-dude thought he was!

Inci begs Neriman not to tell Macit the truth. Neriman has to help her keep this secret from Macit.

Metiche talks to Kader about Nezahat’s wedding. Kader is pretty sure that whole family killed Asim’s mother. They tried to kill Kader didn’t they? Metiche asks for news about Emre’s divorce. Kader says there is no divorce.

Cihan and Cemal want Asli to decide what color to paint the store. Kader happens by. She raises a stink about Asli being married and pregnant and working around men. Cemal protects Asli. Asli is like their little girl and they would make sure nothing happened to her. Cihan says hopefully Asli won’t me married for much longer. How is it every other male in this neighborhood seems more forward thinking than Faiz?

Fahriye buys a Deep Purple album.

Kader nags Emre. If Asli starts her own business and starts making her own money people will talk AND she won’t let Emre see the child. He has to do something!

Zehra’s Tía Bilgen is sick and probably dying. As soon as the wedding is over Zehra will get on a bus and go see her.

Fahriye brings food to Aras. He invites her in. She’s worried about being seen. He convinces her to come in for 5 minutes.

Macit and Neriman sit on a bench near the water. Pelin watches from her car. Macit is still worried about Neriman’s meeting with Inci and how it affected her. Neriman says it’s just the stuff with her dad. Macit is still not convinced. Pelin looks like her stomach hurts. Read More