La Ronca de Oro Thursday 9/29/16 #52

The doctor comes out to the waiting room to tell Helena, Pilar, Feli, Virginia, and Mauro the surgery can’t wait any longer, but it’s still high-risk because there are medications they can’t give him. Helena begs him to quit talking to her about risks and medications and things she doesn’t understand and just do the surgery and give her husband back. He says he’ll try his best. Read More

La Ronca de Oro Wednesday 9/28/16 #51

Last last last chance

Helena and Pilar are stuck in some slow traffic. The cab driver apologizes to “Ronca” but he’s going as fast as he can. He puts on the radio and when Helena hears Pepe’s voice she groans. She explains to Pilar that she’s going to have to turn down the offer he made to take her to Bogotá and help with her career while Pilar gives her a “Seriously, mom?” glare. And then verbalizes it. Read More

La Ronca de Oro Monday 9/26/16 #49

You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here

Helena takes Alvaro upstairs to return the box of letters. We never heard her answer to Antonia. She tells him he should be writing to someone else, not her. And they probably won’t see each other again after tomorrow. (Ha! Because Pili won’t be inviting him to every family gathering? Yeah, right!) Read More

La Ronca de Oro Thursday 9/22/16 #48

The only real competition

In the studio at the station, Helena finishes up recording on the new album. She sings La hija de nadie, a song about two siblings who fell in love, not knowing they were siblings because of all those crappy men out there screwing around and refusing to recognize their children. The sibling/lovers make a death pact rather than live in sin. Read More

La Ronca de Oro Wednesday 9/21/16 #47

El Show de las Estrellas

Ana Julia, Feli, and Pilar are all watching Helena’s big TV debut. The host mentions she’s going to be singing some of Juan Gabriel’s songs (yes, THAT Juan Gabriel) tonight. Helena announces she’s going to start off with Cuéntale a ella and then sing an “Augusto Jara” song, Amor de mis amores. Read More

La Ronca de Oro Monday 9/19/16 #46

Party on

Andres just got back with aguardiente and he starts trying to get Estrella to leave. Gregorio fusses that Helena recorded a single without telling him and hears that she’s divorcing Alvaro. Mauro gets there and he and Virginia trade awkward “I’m desperately in love with you and I’m trying not to show it” looks. And Gregorio calls Rubén to gossip to him about Helena getting divorced. So apparently none of these people know the meaning of the word “party.” Read More