El Gran Final de Amor de Barrio Friday 9/9/16 #107

Casa Cat

Cat tells Daniel and Eugenia that Adalberto left. Dan thinks that merits a celebration, but Eugenia notices something’s wrong with Cat. All Cat can get out is “Estanislau” and it seems like Eugenia already knows without hearing the rest. Daniel screams at her to tell him, then starts screaming for Están. Read More

Amor de Barrio Tuesday 9/6/16 #105

Pre-conference festivities

Daniel, Laura, and Raúl listen while Paloma talks to a couple of the people from the University about THE LAW and changing over to the new “system” and how much prep work they had to do to get everyone ready for this massive shift–everything from training to having enough courtrooms. Paloma’s new peeps call for a toast to Paloma for being so young and yet so on top of her game. Paloma returns that with a toast to sisters who are doing it for themselves. Read More

Amor de Barrio Friday 9/2/16 #104

Excuse you!

Arusa’s pathetic. She traipsed all the way out to the barrio just to unload all her insecurities on Paloma? Well, that and the slap. Paloma returns it ’cause even a lover of JUSTICE has her limits. Arusa can spout all the BS she wants, Paloma’s not going to end up like her. Because she loves the law. Arusa whines that she’s completely ruined and has to leave (town? The country?) but one day she’ll be back to do to Paloma what Paloma did to her. (Uh, she’s going to learn how to actually argue a case and win without bribery?) Read More

Amor de Barrio Wednesday 8/31/16 #102

Insurance, investigation, and herbalism agency

Laura’s still looking, and there’s still nothing useful in Isaac’s computer. Raúl starts to call Adolfo to update him, but Dana and Abraham come in with Lusitania. She’s dressed WAY more conservatively today, but you know she’s legit because she can see the sparks coming off Raúl and Laura. Hey, and she didn’t even see them snogging! Read More

Amor de Barrio Tuesday 8/30/16 #101


Rodrigo talks about how much he’s enjoying learning about the car business. He lies about being helped to pick out his new duds by a salesperson. Paloma never minded how he looked before, but he has changed…he says she has, too. Anyway, he’ll let her get back to preparing for tomorrow, but he might not be there. Their goodbye kisses are utterly lacking in passion. Read More