La Piloto Friday 6/23/17 #79


While Yolanda hides out, listening to Santamaría and his taunting, Estela makes it to the main courtyard with the baby. Banega is explaining to the prisoners that sections of the prison will be without power for a while and they’re not allowed back to their cells. Read More

La Piloto Friday 6/16/17 #74

Casa Sinisterra

After listening to Sinisterra tell Higuera that he wants all his guys assembled to go after Sonia, he decides Rosalba and the baby can die. Too bad his wife has other plans. She heard the baby in the van and just decides somebody needs to take care of him. As for Rosalba, in the absence of any other orders, all Higuera does is toss her back into the van. Read More