La Querida del Centauro Friday 3/18/16 #48

Yola hugs Cristina, who immediately starts crying and explaining to Julia and Cesar that El Centauro *made* her and her mother come to the rancho. Cesar tells her to quit crying.  Julia makes it clear that she knows who’s who. Yolanda just asks that Cristina be left out of it. Julia has no pity. She thinks Yolanda brought it on herself. Both cell phones are handed over and it’s assumed the second one was from El Centauro. Read More

¿Quién es Quién? Friday 3/18/16 #27

Casa Justino

At dinner, Magdalena and Eugenio are recapping the non-wedding drama while Justino mopes. When he doesn’t respond to Magdalena, she’s actually concerned that something’s wrong with him, but then he explodes, so nope, totally normal. He complains that he can’t even eat his dinner in peace and storms off to some other part of the house while Eugenio comforts Magdalena. Read More

¿Quién es Quién? Thursday 3/17/16 #26

The non-wedding reception

Inés and Jonathan are kind of failing at dancing like there’s nothing going on between them. He’d really like to go ahead and announce that they’re planning their own wedding, but Inés shushes him. Chamoy eventually puts on his sunglasses and goes away (one hopes). Read More

¿Quién es Quién? Wednesday 3/16/16 #25

Get me to the mercado on time

The pawn shop owner puts a little doubt in “Pedro’s” mind when he asks if he’s got the receipt and says they don’t take stolen merchandise. Chamoy, playing the concerned dad, goes into the pawn shop after “Pedro” walks out and the owner tells him he’d better keep an eye on his boy. Kid came in there with a stolen bracelet. Read More

¿Quién es Quién? Tuesday 3/15/16 #24

Fabiola tells Ignacio that she overheard Nora and Humberto talking about Leonardo and the possibility that he’s inherited some mental disorder. Fabiola is sure that Humberto and Nora are hiding something. Maybe Leonardo’s mother was crazy and Leonardo inherited it from her. Fabiola will keep her eyes and ears open for any information she can gather. If it’s true that Leo is going crazy, this is the best thing that could have happened for Fabiola and Ignacio. He agrees it would be like winning the lottery. Read More

La Querida del Centauro Monday 3/14/16 #44

With 8 episodes left, it feels more like they are ramping up the action NOT winding down.

Julia wants to go back to square one to figure out who Maria Hernandez is. She’s sure it has to be another one of “Beni’s” prison lovers. Julia goes through the old newspapers and finds the article in which it was reported that the women’s wing of San Fernando closed. She reads about a woman who lost her eye getting out and reminds herself that’s Yolanda. Then there was a woman put on house arrest and Julia seems to dismiss her. There were some women who got transferred. Maria Hernandez must be part of that group. They need someone on the inside. She remembers León the subdirector. Read More