La Vecina, Monday 1/25/16 #151

Is it just me? Or was there a bit of filler? Just me? Ok. Moving on. I've tried to at least keep things in order by story, not necessarily scene by scene. I hope it's not too confusing.
No, it’s not a missile. It’s just my rocket

Quintin comes to arrest Simon. According to Arce, the rocket could explode. That makes it a missile and a threat to public safety. Quintin attempts to grab Simon. Padre V starts to argue with Quintin, but Simon plays it classy. Quintin is just there carrying out the judges orders. There’s no point in talking to the “segundones”(lit. second-class citizens.) Read More

Ruta 35, Wednesday 1/20/16 #7


Conchita and her co-pilot (who did end up taking a turn behind the wheel) got caught speeding and only narrowly escaped due to her previous quick thinking. Since she knew she might not be able to talk to (that ass) Tomás she left a detailed message with the Padre to give to him when he finally showed up at the office. The DEA got the two highway patrolmen to let her go so they could follow the van to the warehouse. Once the drop-off was made, they headed for a hotel to get some rest before driving back to Miami. Read More

Ruta 35, Tuesday 1/19/16 #6

Six episodes in and we're still not sure how this ended up getting billed as Dylan being at the center of everything and this being "his" network of informants. He's at least managing the people he works with better than Tomás does, the unfortunate deaths of Domingo's family notwithstanding.
Tomás and Conchita

Conchita gets ballsy and goes back to Don Hugo to talk to him about either getting a job or wiping Manuel’s debt. Hugo gives her an electronic tether and sends her on her way. He spends most of the episode telling her “Be at the warehouse in half an hour,” and it’s never a convenient time. When he loads up the van for her first big shipment, she forgets to call Tomás. Then, when she does, he’s too busy to talk to her because he’s going into a meeting. When she shows up at the office he loses his temper and insists she’s supposed to call him immediately when Hugo contacts her (for all the good that would have done). Read More

Ruta 35, Monday 1/18/16 #5

Things are getting complicated. The various plot lines are starting to cross. And pretty much everybody had a bad day this episode, so it was a bit of a downer.
In Mexico

Domingo gets tipped off as to where he can find one of Rogelio’s guys – Chivo. Chivo takes a while, but he eventually tells Domingo who killed his mom and his son. And that would be Chivo and Tequilazo. They get delivered to Rogelio in coffins. Which is probably not as considerate as it sounds. Read More

La Querida del Centauro, Th. & Fri. 1/21-1/22 #8 and #9

I don't even know where to start. A lot happened. I really should have taken the time to take notes and put something up both days. I may be coming back to this over the weekend to add things as I remember them. Both of these episodes had a lot of set up and stories that all came together. I suspect that more will be clicking into place on Monday as well. I'm not sure how to even organize it all. It's by memory, so things may be a little out of order
La Fuga: The Pre-planning Stages

Yolanda convinces El Centauro to escape with her. He puts his men in charge of dynamiting one of the “tubos” (There seem to be these underground tunnels that are part of the structure…not inmate carved.) There’s a shaft like thingy in the infirmary that leads to these tunnel thingys. Yolanda and El Centauro will have to both get to the infirmary. Read More

La Vecina, Friday 1/22/16 #150

The breaking of various hearts occupies most of the episode

Antonio admits he’s breaking up with Sara to marry Isa…but he still doesn’t tell the truth about why. He’s vague about having been honest when he told Sara he loved her…but then stuff got [mumble mumble] and he handled it. I can’t even give you the details on this. All the tears are more powerful than the words anyway. Read More

La Vecina, Thursday 1/21/16 #149

From bad to worse

OK, Antonio, what’s it going to be? Mostly he’s still shocked that Isa’s STILL trying to marry him just to get one over on Sara. “You’re going to lose the last bit of respect I had for you.” You still had any? She shows him the door and says it’s on his head now. But he closes the door, staying inside, and agrees. Read More

La Querida del Centauro, Wednesday 1/20/16 #7

I woke up early to watch this, but didn't have time to write down anything as soon as I was finished. I'm embarrassed to even call it a summary. I think bare-bones is a better phrase.
On the Inside

El Centauro’s men dragged the unconscious Juvenal away and Vicente set to work on Tania’s eye. I had to to look away. Tania is left to bleed. Juvenal is hung. Vicente makes sure Juvenal’s prints are on the scalpel. Despite all of this, it’s later said that the prison director thinks things look fishy. Read More

La Querida del Centauro, Tuesday 1/19/16 #6

It's really growing on me. Part of it may be the novelty. Part of it really is Ludwika's eyebrows. It feels weird to say I "enjoy" it because there are lots of distasteful elements. Whatever this show is (narco? Cop show? Prison escape show?) I find myself wanting to keep watching it. Oh, and what is it about this genre that has me rooting for the despicable people? 

Now, on with Tuesday's highlights.
Ball Buster

Julia, Centauro’s wife, is back and she’s pissed. Someone sent her a picture of her husband in a compromising position. She holds a gun to Ojos Claros (I have no idea what his name is) and demands a name. Lucky for him he told the truth She knew the name all along….she was just testing him. Do not mess with this woman. Read More